Ohio shop's gorilla mascot attacked by banana

Ohio shop’s gorilla mascot attacked by bananaSTRONGSVILLE, Ohio (AP) — The manager of a cell phone store in Ohio called 911 to report a gorilla had been attacked by a banana.

The Wireless Center in Strongsville, near Cleveland, advertises at curbside with a man in a gorilla suit. Manager Brandon Parham says he was watching last week as a kid dressed as a banana emerged from some bushes and took a flying leap at the store mascot.

Parham says the attacker looked like a Spartan from the movie “300” — except he was a banana.

I am not SURE why I am laughing…Beloved…I have an odd sense of humor!:slight_smile:

Me too

The attack on another isn’t funny.

BUT the picture in my head IS :D:D

I hate when that happens.:blush:

The gorilla was knocked down but got back up, adjusted his head and went back to work.

WJW-TV reports the banana split — running down the street with other teens.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Banana Split :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

" Police think it was a prank. They weren’t able to find the offending fruit."

This is beyond hilarious:p

" Police think it was a prank. They weren’t able to find the offending fruit."

I am sure if the police did a proper search they would be able to locate him as …are you ready…
Q) Why are bananas never lonely?
A) Because they hang around in bunches.

or how about:

Knock Knock,
Who’s there?
Banana !Banana who?
Banana split so ice creamed!

Perhaps we should blame the ever so easy-to-blame parent: for this crime.

How did the Mother Banana spoil the Baby Banana?
She left him out in the sun too long.

Anbody else care to take a stab at this.

This is crazy! This is nuts!

Pray for them both. After you stop laughing!

At his point in the investigation, they’re not sure if the banana is a male or a female offender.

Hmmm how does one sex a banana? :):slight_smile:

I’m sure they have away of knowing:)

And the gorilla said he doesn’t hold any grudges against bananas in general and that friendship with bananas in the future is a prospect he looks forward to.

Banana at Large After Attacking Gorilla in Strongsville


“The gorilla should have won.”


Reminds me of this one a while back…


That’s pretty funny. Your link is bad, it takes you to Facebook. :eek:

Corrected URL:

Haha, this thread is great. :thumbsup:

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