Ohio Teacher did not burn cross on students arm

I saw an article on these forums claiming that John Freshwater, teacher of 21 years burned a cross on a students arm which according to this article is false.

He would not take his bible off his desk where it has been for 21 years and they have railroaded him. He has lost his job and faces court action.

Now they claim he is not a good teacher.:shrug:


“The main issue behind these complaints is John’s refusal to remove his personal Bible from his desk,” he explained.

Pastor Matolyak said the entire ordeal started five years ago when Freshwater raised a question to his students about intelligent design. Freshwater was covering the theory in his classroom, just as he was covering the theory of evolution, when he received complaints about the inclusion of intelligent design in his curriculum. Meetings ensued with the principal, superintendent, and eventually the school board, which shot down his argument that intelligent design, like the theory of evolution, should be taught as a creation theory. Freshwater then agreed to stop teaching the theory and has not done so since.

“Since then, there have been people who have had it out for John,” claims the pastor, who believes this first incident acted as the catalyst for the recent events.

One home schooling mother told me the reason she took her child out of the system. One day during a discussion on controversial matters, the child mentioned he didn’t think abortion was good. The teacher told the child never to bring it up again as he was intolerant of others beliefs.

I disagree

erm… the LifeSite article is based upon the opinion of the teacher’s pastor. Why are we supposed to take his opinion as conclusive?

Clearly the quote about the board having it in for the teacher is opinion but clearly this case hasn’t been tried yet either so I would say we don’t have all the facts. That being said, without knowing the facts, what is interesting to me is that if this teacher in fact caused physical harm to his students, why wasn’t there immediate action taken (meaning immediate suspension, not a decision to fire after the close of the school year)?

I find it interesting that extensive google searches did not find this article.

I searched all articles with “Teacher” “Cross” and "Burn"
I also searched for branding and cross.

No article indicating that this has not gone to trial was found.
All that I could find were the accusations.

I found it through the CA forums.

Is it possible google censored out results for the search?

How odd. I got lots of results for the words:
teacher cross burn

I also got a lot of hits when I googled his name:
“John Freshwater”

But did any of the results give you the information found in this article?

I found hundreds of results, but they all stated as fact the accusations, and none indicated that there was any question at all concerning the circumstances or reality of the charges.

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