Ohio Woman Who Beat Baby Deer to Death Gets Community Service

Ohio Woman Who Beat Baby Deer to Death Gets Community Service

A woman accused of beating a baby deer to death with a shovel after finding it in her flower garden has been sentenced to 80 hours of community service.
Seventy-six-year-old Dorothy Richardson of the Clevelandhttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/2.gif suburb of Euclid pleaded no contest Thursday to one misdemeanor count of animal abuse and was found guilty by a municipal court judge, who also ordered Richardson to pay a $500 fine.
Richardson says she became frightened when she saw the fawn in her garden on June 15 and had meant to shoo it away with the shovel.


Let’s see…

She didn’t have a hunting license?

She was hunting out of season?

You’re not allowed to hunt with a shovel?

Why is this even a crime?

Deer are just rats with hooves. Are we going to charge people for using rat traps?

I admit I am kinda shocked how someone could be frightened by a baby deer in their garden. It;s not like they are scary things you know? But poor baby deer…and this coming from someone who sees nothing wrong with hunting deer. But there are cruel ways to do it and not cruel ways to do it. I just hope the deer died quick.

I’m kind of surprised a 76 year old woman could even get the deer to stay still long enough to hit it.

It was this lady I think.

Uh - they’re kinda big, actually.

But poor baby deer…and this coming from someone who sees nothing wrong with hunting deer. But there are cruel ways to do it and not cruel ways to do it. I just hope the deer died quick.

I hope so, too, But I know I’d be a little freaked out if I found an animal that size munching on my fall vegetables. Rabbits are bad enough. :shrug:

I don’t condone what she did, but I do find it sad that it’s legal to kill your own child growing inside you yet to kill a baby deer gets one community service.

Yup - it’s animal worship all over again.

I donlt think giving someone community service over this incident counts as animal worship. It;s not like they threw the woman in prison.

I could not possibly disagree more with the attitudes expressed here. The issue isn’t so much taking a life as in pest control or hunting, but in the deliberate and unnecessary infliction of suffering. Cruelty is cruelty. If you can’t feel the slightest bit of compassion for a living creature because it isn’t human, I don’t believe you are very capable of feeling compassion at all.

Walt Disney’s Bambi and its anthropomorphism has skewed the sentimentalism of generations.The most she should have been charged with is hunting without a license and had her shovel confiscated.
Notice the use of the word “baby” with reference to the faun?Wonder where the world’s cod stocks have gone?Blame the animal rights extermists and their pictures of fuzzy,white,liquid-eyed “baby” seals.
I participated in the silent witness of Lifechain on Sunday and was jeered at,given the finger and was personally threatened for witnessing to the murder of real babies.

Please God send us a CHASTISEMENT.

Not to take the thread off topic, but I’ve witnessed behavior like that myself. Some from our parish community stand along a busy road holding signs, praying, waving as people drive by. Nobody does anything at all obnoxious, they just stand and hold signs with truthful, loving messages. I’ve seen people scream at the Life Chain attendees from their cars, angrily honk their horns, make obscene gestures, just act completely inappropriately simply because people are holding signs along the road. It is very, very disheartening to see that kind of angry response.

Bless you, Soutane, for your witness.

Now, back to the thread.

I don’t think what she did was right at all, and I’m fine with her being charged with a misdemeanor cruelty. I just think it;s bizarre that live in a culture that condemns this while at the same time condoning abortion. It makes no sense. Especially when most of the time it’s the gun control PETA liberals that support legal abortion.

I totally agree with you. How sick to beat a fawn to death with shovel! What was wrong with that woman? Just a little baby deer eating some of her vegetables. What a B----!

What, she’s never heard of a fence? Or buying a bag of “Deer-B-Gone”?

Couple of stories:

When I lived “up north”, as we say here in Michi-gama, I had 14 acres with a set of railroad tracks running along the south side. I used to go out and walk the perimeter every day. One day as I was walking along the tracks, a fawn charged me, and seemed to want to be running along next to me. I waved my arms and yelled at it, trying to frighten it away—not because I was afraid of it (even though head-high it came up to my chest, and it still had spots—whitetails are not small animals), but because I could see Mama standing at the edge of the woods, and I certainly had no desire to tangle with an enraged mother deer when all I had with me was my good name and my bare hands. The fawn ran next to me, bleating, for several yards, then finally turned and ran off, much to my relief.

The shovel aspect reminded me of the time when I was about sixteen, and my oldest sister stopped at the house and told my dad, “Somebody hit a deer down next to the corner. Still a lot of fresh blood.” Dad instructed me to get in the pickup truck, and we’d go down and get it, to salvage what meat we could. (Turned out it was all good except for the left-hind quarter where it had been struck.) When we got there, we found a good-sized doe, sure enough; when we went to grab on to her to load her in the pickup, the doe started kicking and thrashing around, and Dad said, “Yeah, that’s damn fresh.”

I said, “What do we do now? Go back up to the house and get a rifle?”, and Dad said, “No time—if we leave her, somebody else’ll grab her before we get back.” He reached under the seat of the truck and brought out an enormous ball-peen hammer and used it to cave in the deer’s skull. I turned my head away and said, “Aw, Gawd, Dad!” He just said, “Crude, but effective. She’s out of her misery, anyway.” We loaded her up and took her home, and Dad went to butchering while I went to school.

Dad had never so much as batted an eye. He just did what needed to be done. But then, he grew up on a farm, and in World War II he saw enough action that something like this was pretty tame. And I’ll have to admit that beating wounded deer to death with a hammer isn’t exactly like bludgeoning Japanese soldiers to death with a bayonet, but still. I’ve never forgotten the sound of that hammer hitting that deer’s head.

Most people can’t afford a 10" chain link fence. If the deer was dumb enough to let a little old lady whack him with a shovel perhaps the herd needed thinning. Having spent thousands on repairs to vehicles damaged by deer it doesn’t bother me a bit know there’s one less out there.

A couple years ago I helped my brothers during harvest. I was surprised to see that every combine and tractor had a Mini 30 or SKS rifle in the cab and they explained that they shot every deer on sight and since I was running the grain cart it was my job to carry the dead animals out of the field. In one 14 hour day they shot over 15 deer and had to let the carcasses rot to comply with the law. On a single 640 acre farm there had to have been over 100 deer.

why didn’t they use the meat?

While it is legal to shoot a deer that is causing damage to crops, its illegal to harvest anything (meat, antlers, hide) from that deer. To shoot a deer for “hunting” the season is extremely limited and so are the numbers you are allowed to shoot - in spite of the massive over population of the species.

Wow that is insane. Talk about stupid laws!!!:mad:

There is llama ranching, and ostrich ranching. What if they took up deer ranching, and sold the meat to grocery stores? :shrug:

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