Ohio Woman Who Beat Baby Deer to Death Gets Community Service

Equating the desire to treat animals humanely - and to find animal cruelty abhorrent - with"animal worship" is simply unacceptable. By that standard, Michael Vick is a sainted defender of the First Commandment.

Yes and there’s something really creepy and sick about bashing a defenseless baby animal over the head with a shovel until it dies. Ugh.

Yeah…unfortunately this is a side effect of the completely artificial environment we’ve created over the last 150 years. The idea was, “Wolves—bad; completely eliminate them. Deer—good; we can eat them, leave them alone.” As a result, deer usually have no other predator save man, so in a good year when they proliferate, with no packs of wolves running loose to pare them down, they end up destroying crops, stripping trees, crashing into cars, or dying a nasty death from starvation once winter hits.

As usual, every time we think we can do a better job of running nature than the way God originally intended it, we end up making more problems than we had to begin with originally.

That is ridiculous. What was her crime? Hunting out of season? I’ve heard that deer are becoming a real pest in areas of the country where people are afraid to hunt them. She was keeping a pest out of her garden and getting supper at the same time.

This story reminds me of this. I will never understand how people can let deer become such a nuisance. All you need to control the population is let in some natural predators, like some good Mississippi hunters with bows and night vision goggles. Nobody would even know the deer are even being hunted.

If fshe hit it once and put it into a slow death, should she walk away?

What sort of a question is that? Of course not. Why hit the fawn at all?

I don’t know that answer. What did she say? Was she scared? Did the animal eat all her vegetables? Did it charge her?

Hardly. We tried hair, perfume, a radio on a timer and bells - nothing worked except letting our dog run free all day. Between eating everything in the garden and stripping our new fruit trees to bare sticks I don’t have much use for them at all.

When I was young seeing a deer was an event - you might only see one or two a year. Its not uncommon to see that many in my back yard on a daily basis. The hunting period is too short and the restricted number you can shoot have little effect on the population.

Shawnee Mission Park within the city limits of Kansas City is estimated to have well over 500 deer eating everything in sight and destroying the habitat for all animals. This park has over 2 million people visiting it a year ao I doubt a little hair is going to bother them.


I find it very odd that wads of human hair will not repel deer.It works here and i don’t think that whitetails recognise any border nor cultural differences.May I suggest that you give the old lady with a shovel a call?or try Bobbex deer repellent.

If these were "baby"rats or “baby” spiders you wouldn’t hear one little squeek of protest.These so-called nature lovers don’t know the first thing about it.They are simply Disneyfied sentimentalists.Wonder what they had for dinner last night?Bet it wasn’t pesto.Bow hunting season just started here and i’ve found the perfect place to put up my stand-hardwood bush right next to a soybean field.I’ve found that broadheads are more efficient than shovels or ballpeen hammers…a lot more humane,too.

If you like eating cod support the seal hunt.

The only “repellant” that seemed to work to some degree - sprinkling kian pepper on everything. Eventually it starts to change the taste of your food though.

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