Oikonomia/economy in O. T


In the Septuagint, is oikonomiaused?

If it is used, what was the Hebrew that it translated?

Or what term was used for the teaching of oikonomia?



Hi Jim

The original meaning of oikonomia is "management of a household". I don't have a concordance of the Greek Old Testament, but in the New Testament the word is used 9 times. It can mean "management" as in the parable of the dishonest manager; it can also mean a "charge", responsibility for a duty; In St. Paul's letters, it is used to mean the "achievement" of God's plan or the "distribution" of his graces.



Two Greek words...

Oikos (house) and Noma (law) the word literally means means "houselaw" or how to manage the house.

As St Augustine taught so is the individual so is the family so is the city so is the nation. The assumption in the Bible is the State will be moral and the people will be moral and the morality of either will keep the other in check. However, as it is today, neither was moral and people only did what was right in their own eyes. And so a nation is corrupt because its people are corrupt. And the people fall because the leaders are corrupt. And the leaders are corrupt because the nation is corrupt.

Get the idea?

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Thanks folks!

Any more help?


If I have understood correctly, economy is not used in the Hebrew or the Septuagint translation.



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