oil lamp

Recently i am thinking of using oil lamp for my prayer corner along with candles blessed on candlemas. However, do i need to get the oil blessed before using it? i cant find any blessing for oil to be used as “oil lamp” anywhere. My girlfriend told me her parents brought along the cups that will be used for the oil lamp and got it blessed during candlemas this year instead of asking the priest to bless the oil that will be used for burning.

and do i have to use any specific oil for it such as olive oil?


If you follow Leviticus 24:2 the use of pure olive oil would be best, but I don’t know if it is required.

This post may help you for the blessing:


Is there anyshorter prayer of blessings from the current book of blessings? most priests around my place dont like to use the longer blessing from the old roman ritual

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