Oil producers urged to boost output as prices soar

“Cabinet ministers from the five countries, which account for more than half the world’s consumption of energy, agreed that the sharp surge in oil prices was a menace to the world economy, and that more petroleum should be produced to meet rising demand.”


How about working on the demand side of the Supply and Demand Curves? But that might involve some self-denial, a very un-American concept in the 21st Century.

I would say, “starting with us”, but that won’t happen. The environmentalist wackos will never, never, permit it. And they’re running the show. What a shame…Roanoker

An interesting article on an alternative energy sight I have bookmarked:
Sapphire Energy unveils world’s first renewable gasoline
If this pans out, it may be very positive. In researching alternative energy, I have found algae based biofuel very promising. This makes it even more so.

Algae can grow rapidly, require limited nutrients and annually can deliver up to 2,000 to 5,000 gallons of fuel per acre of non-arable land. That yield is being increased as technologies and strains improve. The best thing is that algae does not neat fresh water. It can use, and probably thrive even more with sea water.

We could hire the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders … to cheer the oil producers on.

Well … maybe we should send the Cheerleaders to Washington to incentivize Congress to ALLOW oil producers to boost output.

Umm…No comment :blush:

Our Liberal Congress doesn’t seem to understand that actions have consequences.

Kind of like believing in Harry Potter or spending too much time watching Pirates of the Caribbean. In those movies, dumb actions never have adverse consequences. Bad things are merely the result of evil people or just purely random occurrences.

However, in real life (as opposed to “reel life”), when a company is prohibited from doing something, it actually doesn’t do it.

You then can’t reasonably turn around and berate the company from not doing whatever it was they were prohibited from doing.

The only cure for soaring prices is to flood the market with energy of all kinds. That means starting production of oil, natural gas, oil refineries (oil right out of the ground cannot be used for anything unless it is converted into usable products … gasoline, jet fuel, asphalt, diesel fuel, etc.), nuclear electric generating plants, and that includes allowing oil companies to do horizontal drilling and fracking dense shales to allow trapped natural gas to flow and using other high tech procedures to extract oil from shale.

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