OK, all you Latin buffs!

*Ego sum ancilla domini *- translation, please?
Thank you

“I am the handmaid of the lord”

Too easy! Next? :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick answer, thank you! This was on an old holy card showing nuns with lit lamps parading around what appeared to be the garden of a cloister, so I assumed it was something like “the wise virgins” or “I wait for the Lord”.
Here’s another question for you: how do you say “please”, thank you" and “excuse me” in Latin?

thank you…gratias ago vos
excuse me…indulgeo mihi

Gratias ago vos!

To Karin you should say *Gratias ago tibi *-- But if you wish to thank both of us, you would say *Gratias ago vobis *(*tibi *is you-singular, *vobis *is you-plural (*vos *is also you-plural, but is the wrong case (form)))

*Paenitet me *[another way to say “excuse/forgive me”] *si male scripsi *[if I have written poorly],


*Orate pro me *-- “Pray for me (both/all of you)” – I am about to leave for a job interview which, unfortunately, calls for none of my Latin skills. :wink:


You got it, good luck and THANKS to BOTH of you! :slight_smile:

-]Thanks/-] :smiley: *Gratias tibi *-- Apparently it will be a while before we find out if our prayers will be fruitful.

Though I know not of its usage in Ecclesiastical Latin, I have always been fond of the Classial Latin idiom for “please” – *Amabo te *-- “I will love you”.

“Do this, please” becomes “Do this, and I will love you” :love:


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