Ok folk emergency prayers needed!


a freind of mine who i met online has a history of suicdal attempts. she just told me she wants to kill her self right now. im trying to talk her down on aim. i need you prayer support STAT! please pray with me that she wont make the biggest mistake one human can make.


Heavenly Father please wrap Your Loving Arms around this person and stop this person from making a terrible mistake.



Prayers for her. Tell her there are free telephone hotlines she can call, with trained people who talk all the time with people who are in a similar situation to hers - tell her to call them.

You’re not a trained professional, don’t try to do this on your own.


Jesus be present and save this love child of God.


Dear Jesus,

Please send your peace and healing to this daughter of God who is going through a very difficult time and is suffering. Help her to know that you will never give her more than she can bear, even though it is hard for we limited human beings to understand this grace. Please strengthen her friend who is reaching out in love and compassion to her. Help her to know that others in this world need her, need her love, and need her presence to make the world complete. Help her to know how loved she is by all and how many others need her love.

Lord of wisdom, healing, and holiness, please hear our prayer and help your daughter and her friend to be comforted by your Holy Spirit.



Praying with you.


Praying very hard for the Holy Spirit to guide her!




ok miraculosly i was able to calm her down. thank you for your prayers, but i ask for your continued prayers that god grant her srenght and all she needs to make it through the things she is dealing with.


She’s crying for help, so here we are to help with our prayers…

Our Father…


Praying for passivesquid friend…

Through every moment of this day: Be with her, Lord.
Through every day of all this week: Be with her, Lord.
Through every week of all this year: Be with her, Lord.
Through every year of all this life: Be with her, Lord.
So that when time is past,
By grace may she at last,
Be with you, Lord.







I am praying for both you and your friend. Please don’t beat yourself up over it if things do go wrong. I have a friend who had the same problem in middle school and she has beaten herself up over it for like six years. She made peace with it this year at our senior retreat. know that I am praying for you.


My prayers are with her and you. Blessed Mother, pray for us.


Praying for you both.


God bless you for your life-givng help, which means so much to God who loves her and has hopes for her life and happiness.
We will continue to hold her in our prayers, and you as you continue to help her.
God bless you both,


Lord Jesus Christ we ask that you help passivesquid’s friend and everyone who is suicidal.

Guide them so they may receive the help that they need.

Protect them.

Prevent them from dying by suicide.

We need them. We love them.

Let them feel our love, and your love, Lord Jesus.

Lord, we ask that you comfort the suicide survivors.

Remind them that they are very special people.

Remind them that they are heroes.

Fill their minds with beautiful memories.

Provide them with everything that they need Lord.

Ease their pain.

Give them hope.

Give them comfort.

Give them guidance.

Help them heal.

And help them in every way possible.

Let them feel our love, and your love, Lord Jesus.

And let their angels carry them on their wings when they are weary.

Embrace them, Lord Jesus, with your love.

And let your love continue to shine down upon them.



I hope that I am not too late! I’m saying a prayer to give her courage and get the support that she needs to deal with her problems.



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