Ok--hopefully for the last time...my sister part 3


I just had to share with you that my sister, who was in a very bad relationship, morally, spirtiually, and every other way–has broken off the relationship! I’m so grateful to God for this break through. She called me tonight, sobbing…and we talked about her going to Confession, you guys!!!:bounce: She is very open to it. I told her, that she really should go to cleanse herself of this traumatic relationship…and that she has been overwhelmed by her sin…that God will always understand and take her back.

She said she is absolutely done with this man, and will pray for his kids. She doesn’t wish him harm, but please pray that she will be safe.

For all of you who have prayed…you know who you are…thank you thank you THANK YOU. I truly know that your and my prayers …through God’s grace…enabled this to happen.

Praise be to God. (I pray I’m not writing another thread about this anytime soon):slight_smile:


That’s wonderful news Whatevergirl. Lets hope it is final this time. And even if you post another 10 times about your sister, we don’t mind. It is a miracle, and God does answer prayers. God bless you and your family. I’ll pray for her too.


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