OK, Looks Like it is Time to Boycott Amazon


I don’t think we’re required to boycott amazon because of this…

Boycott your neighbor.

A company’s position on homosexuality is not going to have an affect on wether or not I’m going.to purchase their service or product. If you do that, then you mught as well boycott Mc Donald’s JC Pennys, Nabisco, Wallgreens, Food Lion, Costco, Walmart, Sears, Abercrombie and Fitch, Pepsi, General Mills, GM, Ford, Intel, Google, Cisco, Sprint, Xerox, Yahoo!, Mariot, Mattel, Proctor and Gamble, and even… MICROSOFT!:eek:
But if you want… you can go ahead and live without those too! :slight_smile:
If you need me, I will be eating a Mc Donalds fish fillet and drinking pepsi at my Intel computer while wearing my favorite Abercrombie and Fitch shirt.:wink:

You’ll finish it off with an espresso from Starbucks. :smiley:

What happens if the US gov’t approves “gay marriage”? Will we boycott the USA?

Mmm… actually sounds good right about now.:rotfl:

Yeah… I’m pretty sure that it is impossible to boycott America, if it was, then the Westboro Baptist Church would have done it looooong ago!

Well I wish they would. Those Westboro people are scary! :frowning:

Hmm, perhaps I should start a Kick-starter to buy a nice island somewhere. What do you all think, fifty, sixty square miles of livable land enough for a small Catholic nation?

Only if we’re allowed to wear bikinis to the beaches. :smiley:

They won’t have anywhere to go if they do, because God “hates” every other nation in the world.:mad:

I second that!:thumbsup:




Take account of this: being against the homosexual unions you are condamning one person to rennonce to his sexuality forever. I don’t think there is a reason for be so determined. The brave commandant who advances destroying the enemies of his people is not a Christian ideal… be aware of not become part of the sect of Pharisees.
I am against homosexuality… but for be dignes in that issue we must take the Cross we too.

I might send them an email voicing my displeasure, if they ever read it, might not boycott them though, just might not use their services or threaten to do so…:wink:

Oh yeah… I forgot. :frowning:



I see you’re from Florida too. Yay!! :thumbsup:

Things are getting awfully political around here. Frankly, it’s starting to scare me. Taking the prohomosexual stance makes their company appear compassionate, which bugs.

I’ve switched my coffee to Gevalia since I’m such a saint :wink:
We Americans have our boundaries, ha ha.

I think it’s good to stay informed as much as possible and fast for a period from certain companies as a form of prayer against this movement. It’s always good not to get too attached to all our creature comforts. We can wage war back, and turning it into prayer is a much more powerful form of attack than just using our pocket book.

thank you,that is about the only Catholic thought on this thread.

Let’s just hope that there are no Churches literally on the beach. :smiley:

Okay… well you guys have fun boycotting every company supporting homosexuality… better start by not using your computer if it has intel or microsoft (which it probably does):thumbsup:

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