Ok, now what? (MP)

I asked my pastor for the Extraordinary Rite. Although he is the most fluent priest I know in Latin, he is not interested in learning the rubrics for the 1962 Missal. Nor is he interested in “everything else that goes with it” as he said (cassock and surplices for the Altar Boys, an altar rail, etc).

We are a tiny parish, about 400 families (registered) with about 150 total Mass attendance on any usual Sunday. There are 20 people who have expressed an interest in the Extraordinary rite. That’s not a whopping number but is about 10% of our Sunday Mass attendance so is not an insignificant number either. While we don’t know any priests to say the Mass, we have three boys (so far) interested in serving and someone to train them.

I also asked Father, is he didn’t want to say the EF, could he help us find a priest to say the Mass. Also, “no”. There is an indult Mass on Sundays but it is about an hour’s drive away and at 8am making it very difficult for families with small children to wrangle, which most of the above mentioned group is.

My husband wants me to write the Archbishop. Our AB is one of the ones who’s letters appeared in Father Z’s column and who is taking what Father Z calls the “party line”. He claims there is not much demand, that demand is being met nicely by the one indult Mass and that there aren’t priests to say the EF Mass anyway.

My plan is to wait until a full month has passed from my original request to my pastor and make sure that all of the other families have made their desires clearly known and then write to the AB. I don’t expect a response but I think it is important that he sees these letters and knows that there IS a demand that isn’t being met.

What should I say in the letter except that we want the EF Mass and that we have already approached our pastor? What do I do next, if I don’t get any response? I read somewhere that you should write twice before going higher up. Are two letters, a month apart to the AB sufficient? Then what? The Ecclesia Dei commission?

Is it a good idea to try to coordinate an effort with people from other parishes in our Deanery or Diocese or should we keep the focus at the parish level?

Corki, here is a letter template for just your situation. It was written by a priest and is very charitable in it’s approach. There is also a list of suggestions (also from the same priest who wrote the template).

Yes, I saw that letter posted previously. The problem is that the “meat” of that letter is that the writer has already secured a willing and able priest to say the Masses. That is not our situation. To find and/or train a priest is likely going to take our Archbishop’s assistance. If I write to the AB, I won’t just be asking for permission for a Mass at our parish, I will need to ask him to either implement priest training or to locate and “share” the already trained priests in our diocese. I don’t think that is too much to ask under the “spirit” of the MP but I don’t want to be presumptuous either. The added complication is that our former AB was very hostile to the “Latin Mass” using either the NO Missal OR the Missal of 1962 so many priests that are still with the diocese (many left for the SSPX) and who are Latin “friendly” are somewhat underground. The AB is not likely to know who amoung his priests are willing or eager to say the EF unless he makes it clear that it would be welcome and actually tries to find them.

My “gut” feeling is that the AB will ignore all letter of this kind and wait to see if the EDC takes on the task of implementing training and facilitating the wider use of the EF.

You go to Lumengentlemen to find a priest who is willing to say the TLM, and then approach your priest, or you could write your own letter based on the content of that letter. At any rate, his advice and suggestions are excellent and very charitable.

Awesome idea. :thumbsup: The ONLY celebrant listed for the whole state of TX is in my Archdiocese, although not too near. The Lumengentleman site lets you send messages now so I will try contacting him. He may know other priests nearer or be free enough to occasionally come down this way.

Corky Do you live In a state that Starts with an I and has an archbishop whos name starts with an H?

Please put your contact information on the Lumengentlemen site. Also, if other people at your parish are interested, tell them about the site and ask them to add their information. There is always strength in numbers :slight_smile:

The word coming down from the Australian Bishops, is they are going to try to stop or at least hinder it at all costs… as in, if you want a Latin Mass, they will put one on at Midnight, or 3pm, or some time when least convienent. But that is what i have heard on the grapevine, nothing in writing.:shrug:

If that’s true, they need to remember they will answer to God one day…

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