Ok, Ok, I get it!

I am not sure where this post is supposed to go… but I can get the “hint”. Yesterday, and today I was exposed to a “flag-storm”, probably similar to Trump’s usual tweet-storms. I have no idea who the “flaggers” happened to be, or why my posts were flagged - and removed. Unfortunately the software does not reveal these data, not even the NUMBER of flags a post “deserved”.

I scrupulously followed the rules of the board, as I was supposed to. I mostly asked questions, because I was interested in the WHY of some Catholic beliefs. (I know what the beliefs are.) The usual answer was very hostile and dismissive. Yes, I admit that the questions were hard, and provocative. And since they could not be answered, the reaction was unadulterated hostility.

There is the disclaimer, that non-Catholics are welcome, but they must be respectful of the Catholic beliefs. That does not seem to be case. First of all, “respect” does not equal “agreement”. A much more honest approach would be to say: “Ultra-conservatives are welcome, mildly conservatives are tolerated, but non-conservatives are NOT welcome.”

Anyone, does not vehemently “adore” Trump, gets harassed and verbally abused. But the TRUTH ™ is:

Anyone, who dares to ask serious questions about human sexuality gets the same treatment. And any post dealing with abortion from a non-ultra-conservative point of view really gets the “charitable” treatment. :wink: The poster becomes a baby-killer, someone who endorses genocide, and other terms of endearments are hurled his way. The outpouring of “love” is “beautiful” to behold. Looks like that the posters cannot see the difference between supporting the freedom of choice and supporting one outcome of it.

I understand that these “flag-happy” posters are a minority, but they are the loudest and most obnoxious ones - as usual. (By the way, the removed posts cannot be viewed after some unspecified time. Another “feature” of the software used.)

So, I get the hint. Dissenters are not welcome. Hard questions are especially not welcome, nor are they tolerated. I wish you the very best. After all MOST of you are very nice people, sprinkled with some uncouth ones. BTW, I will not let the door hit my butt on the way out. It was fun, and I learned a lot. Not what I was hoping to learn, but “you can’t always get what you want” as the song of the Rolling Stones said.

Be good or be good at it. :slight_smile: Goodbye!

Does this have ANYTHING to do with what you’re trying to say?
If not, you answered your own question.


@zsiga, as I am also a None and have been posting on here for over two years with very few flags, I have discovered that the posters here are very quick to understand and discover genuine honest questions from leading or false questions.

You can ask challenging questions here but you have to word them as genuinely trying to understand the catholic position vs. asking questions that are just meant to put Catholicism down or make them appear as idiotic fundamentalists. When asked respectfully and clearly showing that you are truly trying to find the catholic answer rather than just start a dumpster fire, I have always had good respectful discussions. If you think you can trap them, you’ll find that you can’t nor were you the first to try.

One problem with the forum here that I think would be helpful is if we had a thumbs down emoji for posts we disagree with strongly. It differs from a flag for those post that actually do violate the terms of service yet would allow expression of strong disagreement, just like the heart is used for a well thought out post or one you just agree with…the heart can mean either but there is no way to condemn a legal comment that you think is entirely wrong or contrary to Catholic thought other than the flag.

I do wish that an opinion, clearly stated as an opinion wouldn’t get flags…but they do sometimes. Most flags seem to be where someone is claiming as fact, something that is actually their opinion.

Since you have not been suspended or banned, you are still free to participate here. Of course, leaving is completely your choice as well.



Exactly. We get those kind of “gotcha” posters all the time.

@zsiga, do you know how we can get a general idea on whether someone’s genuinely interested in Catholic beliefs? When they challenge those beliefs in the subforum(s) dedicated to apologetics (Moral Theology, Philosophy, etc.), and not World News. The World News subforum is, quite frankly, a dumpster fire. Most of the levelheaded discussion occurs outside of it. You, however, as of writing this have 52 posts in World News, and no other subforum (except for this post and a joke post in Casual Discussion).

I don’t know what answers you got, but you really should have asked your questions in a different place.


OP, many of us reading never saw any of your posts or the discussion and have absolutely no idea what you’re going on about. I know I don’t.

If you asked “provocative” questions here, and especially in the World News forum, I’m not surprised somebody flagged you. If you actually want to learn how the forum works, then learn from this experience. Making threads complaining about getting flagged, or about the flagging system, is pointless because nobody reading this makes the rules. If you want to complain about something being removed, then message the moderators as the Terms of Service direct you to do.

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