OK Senator Calling On OSSAA After Controversial Douglass-Locust Grove Game

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma State Senator Anastasia Pittman held a news conference to protest what she termed the misuse of a sideline infraction rule in the Douglass-Locust Grove 3A playoff game that caused the OKC team’s touchdown to be overturned.
The score was not counted after an official ruled a coach stepped on the field improperly. The OSSAA later said the penalty was incorrectly enforced. Douglass would have had the lead with 1:04 left in the game if the penalty had been enforced correctly.


As a football official myself, I understood it was a misapplication of the rules. And at the time it was correctable (the head coach could have requested a conference). Mistakes happen. They happen at all levels and at all sports.

From later in the article:

The community leaders said they believe racial bias may have played a role in the officiating though they stopped short of calling it a racist issue. Pittman and other Oklahoma City leaders called for “justice” and “change” in the OSSAA.

“It’s not a black or white thing, it’s about doing the right thing,” Pittman said.

I’ve never heard such claptrap about any other officiating error before. If the teams wronged by this officiating mistake were Heritage Hall or some other private school, I don’t think there’d be a word out of Pittman’s mouth about it.

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