OK This is really bad


I have been on Medical leave for back surgery for 2 months. I recently returned to work about May 7. My company then began taking double medical deducations - for current and past medical coverage. This was fine with me.

Today, however, I checked my account, and I have NO deposit. I called the company, and was told that they prepaid me some money last week because the system would be down, and they overpaid so this week they took the two deductions, PLUS the overage. They left me with nothing! Literally!
I drive an hour to work and have $6 in tolls each day. There is no way I’ll be able to afford to get to work.

I can’t believe this. I told them I didn’t know about the prepayment thing - I was on Medical Leave. Plus my manager was on vacation the last two weeks.

I don’t have enough money to make it to the next payday. I’m in shock. I don’t know what to do. Quit? Run out of gas on the highway?


Contact payroll. See if you can get an advance until everything is straightened out.


Prayers for you (especially to the Infant of Prague is traditionally invoked in cases of financial necessity)


I did talk to them - they’re the ones who told me what they did.

My company doesn’t ‘do’ advances. With over 50,000 employees, they just don’t bother…

I thought things were getting better now that I went back to work, now I’m feeling despondent…


With 50,000 employees they SHOULD do advances in situations like yours. How about the local TV station – those “on your side” programs?


Work from home? That’s what I would do, if possible. Or take a cab to work and charge it to the company.

Although what you will do for groceries or rent is beyond me - is there a St. Vincent de Paul in your area that can help you get through this rough patch?


My company thinks it’s not ‘cost-effective’ to telecommute - although I did point out to my leader that their assessment was done years ago and may no longer be valid…

I’m just an hourly worker - no power to charge a cab to anyone - and they would tell me that it’s not their problem…

I don’t know about the Society - I pretty new to the area. I could maybe call the church office about that? Not sure…


Wow. Tight spot. I’ve been in several the past couple months.

I wouldn’t just talk to the payroll underling, but the head of payroll. If that person is in another state, I’d still call them or email them.

I’d make it really clear to my supervisor what happened, and that I am stuck because of the company. Even if he or she slips you $50 for a tank of gas until next payday, there you go. It’s a start.

Do you have anything of value in your house that could be pawned? Yes, the interest rate is crazy. But for the short term, it works.

I also know that the interest rate on a payday loan is outrageous, and they gouge you. But are you in a position where you can choose? What about your credit union? What about a short term loan from a friend?

Do you have anything in your house you can stand to get out of your life? I’d have a garage sale ASAP. I’d even try to take the day off work to do it.


Uh - yeah it is their problem, if you can’t get to work.

I don’t know about the Society - I pretty new to the area. I could maybe call the church office about that? Not sure…

Yes, call the Church office, and they’ll direct you to the nearest St. Vincent de Paul. Good luck!

  1. If you boss is still out of town, call his/her boss and talk to them. If they are not avail call their boss. Use the Chain of command.

  2. Call HR, usually in a company that size payroll is in HR although you need to talk to someone that is there to deal with HR issues not payroll issues.

  3. Talk to a co-worker that has been there awhile. They usually know the ins and outs in such situations and who to talk to to get things done.


Try contacting your parish priest most parishes have money set aside to help people in dire financial difficulties, if they don’t contact your diocese office they will have some program to help you and then start looking for another job. God Bless and will be praying for you. You could contact the food stamp people, I think they have some type of emergency system set up.


[quote=OutinChgoburbs;3742033Do you have anything in your house you can stand to get out of your life? I’d have a garage sale ASAP. I’d even try to take the day off work to do it.


:yup: I earned enough money in a 1 day garage sale to move 5 states away. I haven’t missed one thing that I sold either!!! I was also in an apartment. I put flyers up that I was having a garage sale in my living room!!!


For me, unfortunately, there can’t be a garage sale…
At the time of my emergency surgery I was preparing to move…everything I own is in storage in another city. I was taken in by a Catholic friend who graciously helped me when I couldn’t drive or even walk much. My short term disability paid me a whopping $40 a week while I was out. Because of the surgery I had to send my 6 year old daughter to stay with my ex so she could finish Kindergarten. She is supposed to return when school is out in June. I don’t know what this will mean to that plan…



I’d be real careful about this tactic. Cause a large company some bad publicity, and the OP may find themselves out of a job.

Might also check with a local Knights of Columbus council. They can often help, especially if you are registered in your local parish. Just ask the parish office for the local chapter.


When I met with the priest last week to submit my annulment paperwork, there was a woman who entered the office in front of me seeking help with medicines. The secretary didn’t check with the priest, she just said “Sorry, I don’t know what to tell you.” Then after she left, the secretary called the priest to announce me.

I kind of felt funny about that…


It sounds like the parish priest probably knows you, so you would probably not have any problem getting help, although I know how embarrassing it can be to ask.


Yes, I think he would remember me, I’ve met him twice, it’s just that I 'm not a Catholic yet. I’m still waiting for a class to form for RCIA. So I don’t know if that would matter or not…:frowning:


No, it won’t matter. He is your pastor, even if you are not Catholic.

I know a lady who was in a similar situation to yours, several years ago - she suddenly found herself flat broke because of a series of circumstances, so she went to our parish priest to ask for help, and he told her, “Sorry, you’re not Catholic.” So she quoted to him the canon law that says that a priest is responsible for every soul in his territory who comes to him for help, whether they are Catholic or not.

She got the money she needed, and some furniture, clothes, bus tickets, and other things, as well. :slight_smile:

PS: Of course, she later converted, and today she is one of the people who gives most generously to the fund for the poor. :thumbsup:


I’m sorry jm, I’m just so overwhelmed…

I thought that if I just worked my hours in May, everything would be allright - I could pick up my daughter in June, and carry on. I can’t even pay for the storage unit now, and they may sell my things…

I’m afraid of losing everything:(


um check with your HR department because when i was working in HR my understand was that the company was allowed to take deductions only up to a point. They legally always had to pay you at least min wage times the number of hours you worked.

If your pay is normal $9 and min wage $5 and you worked 40 hours a week then the most they can take per pay period was the difference which was $4 times the number of hours.

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