OK to change chaplet formula?


I have a 9-bead Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chaplet. I know there are tons of these 9-bead chaplets, many for saints. Is it ok to say a different prayer before the 3 Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory Bes, or even not say a beginning prayer at all?

Also, is it ok to the say Our Father, Hail Mary, then Glory be in a row three times(collate instead of grouping, in printer terms)?


Um… bump?:o


Sometimes I “collate”. Three Our Fathers just doesn’t seem to flow together too well.


Chaplets are a private devotion. As such, there are no hard set rules about how the prayers are said. Usually, the point is the contemplation rather than the prayers themselves, anyway.

Group, collate, say extra prayers, omit prayers, all ok.


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