Ok to eat meat after midnight on thursday morning after ash wednesday?


If It Is Like 12:01Am On Thursday Morning After Ash Wednesday Or 12:01Am On Saturday Morning, Then Is It Ok To Eat Red Meat At Those Times Or Do You Have To Wait Until After You Complete One Night’s Worth Of Sleep?


The technical answer is that the a day of fast ends at midnight.


I’ve wondered this, as well.

If your are called to go by the clock, go by the clock. Of you are called to go by the sunrise, go by the sunrise. Just try to make sure it’s 24 hrs.


Of course you may eat meat when it gets to Thursday.


Agreed; technically, it’s ok. The real question, though, is whether a person is truly entering into the spirit of the Lenten fast if they’re watching the clock so that they can go through the McDonald’s drive-thru at 12:01 am… :wink:


Aaaah. The age old argument of spirit v the letter of the law. :wink:



Well, this is a technical question (and a “real question” besides) so the answer will be similarly technical.

In that light, I’ll answer the OP’s question by pointing out that the end of a day is midnight, not 12:01 AM. So, the requirement of abstinence is binding from midnight on Ash Wednesday morning and continues for exactly 24 hours until 12:00.00 AM on Thursday (or midnight–midnight on Friday; cf. canon 202.1).



Ash Wednesday is over and your obligation to abstain from meat ends at midnight on Thursday.


I agree, depending on the individual situation, it could be debated whether or not one would be in keeping with the spirit of the law. I thought about starting that debate but decided this was not the time or place so I just gave the simple “technical” answer.


Let us not pretend we know the other’s heart, shall we?

Speaking for myself, considering that I do not like very many meatless meals, on appointed abstinence days, let alone fast and abstinence days, I may eat very scantily. The last meal I had the day before will probably have been around 8:00 pm. So, by 12:01 am (let us make this Saturday instead of Thursday after Ash Wednesday), it will have been over 24 hours and I will be very very hungry, even if I can have all the meatless meals I want. Yesterday, I ate half a plate of shrimp fried rice near 1 o’clock in the afternoon (it was called half by the restaurant, though it usually satisfies me…if it had land meat, instead of shrimp). The preceding day’s last meal was around 8 pm. My stomach was still growling when I left the restaurant. Many simple abstinence days, I am shaking by the end of the day.

On normal abstinence days, I will consider my abstinence to be both technically and spiritually satisfied, even if I head to the refrigerator soon after midnight–because for me, it truly was a sacrifice–and our sovereign Lord and King knows it.

In light of this, I find nothing to wink about in the quoted reply above-with the wink, I find it to be patently offensive.


Do we know if the person in question is watching the clock or perhaps gets off work late and is asking about what’s OK to eat?


Wednesday is Wednesday and Thursday is , well Thursday. No meat on Wednesday. Meat is OK on Thursday. Seems pretty simple to me. I know this answer sounds kind of “snarky” but it is not intended that way. I just believe that when Thursday starts the requirement for abstinence ends.


[quote="angelic06]Let us not pretend we know the other’s heart, shall we?

If the question were “is it ok to eat meat after midnight of Ash Wednesday or Good Friday?”, then I could see your point. However, “is it ok to eat meat at 12:01am?” speaks precisely to ‘watching the clock’; it’s difficult to see how we do not know “the other’s heart” here. :wink:

[quote=angelic06]I do not like very many meatless meals

Wait – so your case is that the overwhelming bulk of the food that you eat is meat, such that, on a day of abstinence, you’re eating almost nothing?

[quote=angelic06]it was called half by the restaurant, though it usually satisfies me…if it had land meat, instead of shrimp

the lady doth protest too much, methinks… :wink:


Exactly. It is not up to us to exact a more stringent requirement than does the Church.


it reminds me of college in the 60’s On Friday night we would wait till after midnight for the pizza.

It was good pizza. It was good company and we built community in following the abstinence rules. This one is a rule. Not a principle. We also didn’t eat meat Pizza after midnight on Thursday.



Thank you!


We may, however, wish to do more than the minimum requirement for the sake of our spiritual growth. The Church is quite lenient in her requirements, true, but gives us leave to increase in holiness and go the extra mile. :slight_smile:

For example, we may attend Mass more frequently than what is basically required. We may have frequent confession and not only twice a year. And we may fast and abstain more than the minimal requirements, (using common sense of course).


Well, of course we can, but that wasn’t the question at hand.


It seems to be the trend nowadays.

When someone asks a simple straightforward question, they can’t get a simple straightforward answer.


To clarify, I was responding to this sentence:

" It is not up to us to exact a more stringent requirement than does the Church. "

Okay? I’m off this thread. God bless you all. :slight_smile:

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