Ok to lie? hard to get a job/unemployed many years

is it lawful to lie in job interviews /resume to clear out some massive obstacles to getting a job. i’ve had lots of unemployment and little work; can’t start my life out and i’m not in my 20s anymore. and i need to buy myself a home one day. nothing extreem, but to cover myself, eg:

change the resume employment dates on my resume so there are no surpise gaps. if i put generic dates (eg just the year) they query me and then if i tell the truth on the dates i lose out. otherwise they will ask me what happened and then i will have problems (got the sack because of illness etc). once i said it was personal and they didn’t like that answer.
i find they ask me lots of qs and if i tell the truth eg i was unemployed cause of illness (mind you i don’t know if i’m well enough, but i need to at least try)

it feels like the world wont let me in otherwise and i’m just doing nothing at home. and they all lie back to me in return for any truth. but if you lie a little, they get onto the other important questions and you really got a chance to get in.

even for eg a process worker, i don’t have experience. so they dont’ contact me. but other people might lie on there resume and get an interview, while i’m sitting here doing nothing. i just want to work.

if i oculd change dates on my resume, and lie when any personal qs come up to cover myself it would help me in interviews greatly. and they lie back - they say we’ll contact you to let you know but they don’t do that. they lie.

and what inventing you’ve got some experience elsewhere. they just don’t want ya if you don’t get experience, or if you not working something else.

please help. i wouldn’t want to oppose God’s will and miss out on any good things he may give me in the future.

i don’t lie but i need some guidance on this as i’m tempted to cover myself.

No it is not OK to lie.

I am sorry you have had difficulty getting work, have you talked to a job counselor or considered a temp agency as a way to reestablish employment history?

You could try finding work at home jobs, or start up a small business …something that you’re talented at or strong interest.

God is not happy when we lie.

My own thought about lying on a resume is that you could easily LOSE that job if it was found that you falsified your resume/job application.

To make outright false statements on a job application or résumé is certainly a violation of the eighth commandment. Moreover, even if you do find a position through a falsified application, your employer, upon discovering that the information was falsified, will almost certainly terminate you.

Here’s what I’d suggest to better your situation: contact your local office of Catholic Charities. They might be able to help you find a job-training program somewhere in your neighbourhood. And also offer to volunteer. It’s not remunerative, of course, but it’s an often undervalued way to pick up new skills, to maintain personal industry, and to fill gaps in employment.

God bless.

I know that many other people lie to get ahead, but we have to be better than that

It is never OK to lie. Lies breed deception. Just be honest on the resume & interview. Recruiters today understand the problems of job losses, not working due to illness, family responsibility & down-sizing of companies. Let your work history reflect your accomplishments & merits of quality work. This will speak for itself. Praying to St. Joseph for you to find employment.

The Bible does NOT tell us NOT to lie.
And certainly, Jesus didn’t think this was important enough to teach about either.
This, instead, is an idea that some Christians “cooked up” …

So, I assume that most lying is not a Sin.
This is especially True, when a Wife asks her Husband if she looks FAT.
There are many situations, when being Honest is harmful to others.
Certainly the Bible does not teach us to emotionally harm others with impunity.

And, lying to Defraud someone is probably a Sin. But THAT Sin is more about the Fraud than the words themselves.

In the World of getting a Job, I do not know very many people who offer-up every mistake they have ever made … to the Hiring Manager of a prospective Employer.
And, in a very REAL way that is LYING.
Because, you are asked about all of your past problems, and the only way to NOT lie is to tell him (or her) every problem.


Yeah, we “cooked that up” ourselves out of the Gospel According to John…

While it is tempting to lie or embellish your work history, it is flat wrong and many companies will fire those found out. TRUST is a huge issue. If you get fired for lying, getting any job as good will be so much harder.

Please google “resume dos and don’ts” and also “resume gaps.” There is a lot of advice available to you on the internet.

You did not say what area you hope to work in or what your current skills are. Or whether you would be willing to move to get a job.

Skills are important of course. I would read everything I could and take whatever classes I could to refresh and expand my skills.

Work Ethic is even more important. It costs an employer a lot of money to hire someone - they are taking a risk you will not work out or leave too soon - in three years or less. So remember, that a man’s word is his bond. When asked “why should we hire you?” you have to convince them you have a strong work ethic. Again don’t lie. Be honest.

Network as best you can. Read all you can about the company and industry and see if you can talk with current employees in your career field in this company or other ones. Volunteer work may open leads. And it will show you are willing to work and keep a schedule.

References are important. Talk with those you plan to list and ask their advice.

Constant prayer is often overlooked but sincere persistent prayer often opens up opportunities.

Believe in God. Believe in yourself. Be confident and project a positive personality.

Read. Read. Read. Talk to those doing what you want to do. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Thank you, Elizium, for your cite :** “A lie consists in speaking a falsehood with the intention of deceiving.”**

This pretty-well covers what I said.
If a person uses a Lie for a Fraudulent purpose, then it’s a no-no.

A Lie (according to Church policy,#2482) is

  1. a Falsehood (which most people confuse with a Lie), and
  2. the Falsehood is given for the express intention to Deceive the recipient of the Falsehood.

Hi treeman,

I am so sorry for the difficulties that you have been have while job searching.

I would not lie on your application, or during an interview. As you know, it is wrong to lie. It’s considered a sin.

Not only that, but a perspective employer can check your employment history that you put on your application, too, if your employment dates don’t actually line up with the dates that you put on your application, and the employer goes to check.

I agree with the other poster who mentioned doing some volunteer work. It will help to update your resume.

I also agree with Grateful Fred’s post where he indicated dealing with gaps in your resume. There are books that you can take out or look at in the library, that help you handle that on your resume, or during the interview process.

I wonder that myself.
Everyones saying it’s always a sin to lie,but in the real world you could not survive and you’d live in constant stress or people would judge you or live in enormous

One answerer mentioned a temp agency but these people are often like “vultures” and greedy etc and why is lying considered worse than what they do?

What about privacy and the right to not tell people things they don’t have any “business” to know?

1.One example would be if a person had a history of Schizophrenia.If they disclosed this in a job interview their chances of getting a job would be extremely limited due to societies stigmas,fear or judgment.
In addition this is a personal matter,and if they disclosed it and got employed the well meaning but misguided boss might always be asking them if they’re taking their medicine.
That would be a great loss of dignity to that employee and constant huge stress.
They would deserve a right to that privacy to not disclose their illness due to how they’d be treated.

2.Another situation similar to your employment one is just say a young woman goes to a hospital with chest pain and she knows it’s a serious heart or lung related issue but she also knows that hospital triage nursing staff have been trained to believe that young women presenting with chest pain just have anxiety.So she feels she has to lie and embellish her symptoms to seem closer resembling a heart attack because then she MAY be seen in a decent time and her life is on the line.
If she is honest and passive however,she will be dismissed as a woman with an anxiety attack and be held with disregard and given a six hour waiting time- that time she would be dead.
Hospital staff make these errors and prejudices all the time & lying sometimes may make the difference between life and death.
If patients don’t lie but plead with staff,it doesn’t work.If the get mad or insist for help etc this often doesn’t work too particularly if they don’t have a large “intimidating” presence.
Lyings often the only thing that will make them listen otherwise they patient get walked over or ignored.

3.Another example,if a person was obese and they had to buy two plane seats.Shouldn’t they have the right to lie and say to the airline staff that one seats for someone else because they know that it’s embarrassing and the staff could be laughing behind his/her back.
This lie doesn’t hurt/affect the airline staff in anyway but it may save the passenger from humiliation st least one moment in their life.

4.A real life example.
A british woman was seperated from her husband and living in Dubai.
She had drinks with a male work collegue and they shared a cab to their individual homes.The cab driver tried to rip them off Ann d when they wouldn’t agree with his amount he falsified a complaint to the police that she and her male friend had sex in his cab.
Due to that being a crime in Dubai,she was arrested.
Her lawyer tol

Noone likes to lie,and especially not with intention to deceive others, but it seems impossible to get the basics needed in life for self or family without doing so especially if the person doesn’t have the ability to speak eloquently and convince others.
It’s naive or unrealistic for people just to say “don’t lie” because in everyday life we deal with imperfect people who can be cruel etc.To not lie would be ideal and easy if everyone was “nice” but many people in the world that we have to deal with are not “nice”.
Also,people assume that if the employer found out they’d feel deceived but not everyone has the same feelings/emotional state or reacts the same way.

I was involved in H. R. for some considerable time and I would delight in checking a person’s lifeline year by year, month by month. I would also check school and uni. records insisting on academic records. I would cross check facebook and any other resource and would delight in finding the slightest inconsistencies. I would not worry about given references as everyone has friends. No I would check with the personnel departments of every company noted on the resume and confirm the dates and reasons for the applicant’s leaving that company.
My CEO often called my department the gestapo as I would make a note of what people would drive into the company carpark and compare it to their income. I was respected and feared throughout the companies I worked for and had no hesitation in dismissing anyone who lied on their resume on the spot. The first they would know of it was when they could not log on to their computer and their swipe passes did not work. The next thing they saw were the two security officers who shadowed their taking of whatever meager personal items they could prove were not company property. They had to pay a small fee for the cardboard box if there was too much to carry. No one was allowed to say goodbye to their colleagues, as this wasted work time and encouraged dissent. We prided ourselves on our staff relations as, like all good companies, our workforce was our greatest asset.
So No don’t lie on your resume. If you worked in my industry you would have to leave the country to get another job.
(People like this do exist, so take the advice of the other posts re upskilling and keeping job skills relevant to the times. Most H.R. are going to understand illnesses and will be looking at your value to them in the present. )
Good luck in your search. Persistence does pay off.

Hi Sereta,

You may think that people are being naive by not lying about situations when it comes to a job, but perhaps you don’t realize that employers can check references by doing reference checks and background checks on a potential employee.

some great posts here. will re-read. thank you all for posting, and for the new posts that will come up too.

do employers really do that - check our work environments to see what the working dates really were? and the real reason why we left if it was eg a short duration? if so, i need to know about this. i just thought they read it and if it looks all good and ‘normal’ they don’t ring them (apart from the referres of course). i have previously put down other past 1 month experience with roughly correct dates where i was actually sacked. i thought they wouldn’t bother ringing them up and just assume it was a short contract or something. surely many employers don’t bother to verify it’s all true? they just go through and think “ok. it’s good. next step now” (they can’t be bothered)

“Cooked up?” “Bible does not tell us not to lie?”

I guess then it is ok to say that your comments were brilliant.

While it is possible that some do not bother checking into it, I believe the vast majority, especially if it is for a position with a larger company, do. Honestly, what employer wants to hire someone only to find out the hard way that they are actually a kleptomaniac who was fired multiple times in the past and had lied on their resume to cover it up? Or that they had tendencies to harrass others (whether coworkers or customers), or that they had previously leaked company information to others etc etc. If a company does not verify their employees work history and reasons for leaving a given position they are opening themselves up to a whole world of trouble. So, of course the vast majority are going to check on all of that.

Yes, it is common for employers to carefully check past employment along with dates. My current employer even managed to track down my past manager who I had not provided as a reference. So, not only would it be wrong to lie about dates on your resume, it would also be unwise.

Instead of trying to mislead companies, it would be best for you to occupy your time by either volunteering or taking a course. Employers are much more forgiving about gaps in employment when you can demonstrate to them that you used that time productively. Also, if you were let go because of issues with an illness, you can show them that you are capable of committing to a volunteer position or schooling and it may become a non-issue.

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