Ok to listen to Back To The Bible (Woodrow Kroll)


I have found through a friend of mine a show the Back to the Bible with Woodrow Kroll. He has a weekly bible study show and I discovered that I can download load it via a podcast and listen to it. I find he is very easy to listen to. I was wondering if anyone else has listened to him and what the Church thinks?

I would be VERY careful. I was raised Independant Fundamental Baptist and grew up listening to BTTB. They are “Bible Only” folks and much of what they teach is error. If you are very strong in your faith and familiar with true doctrine and theology you should be safe. But then if you are then you probably won’t be able to take much of it. I ran across the show again on the radio recently and thought I would listen for the nostalgia but ended up with only nausea. I can’t listen to Protestant radio anymore, most of it sounds so alien now. Thank God!

My 2 cents.


I listen to Kroll and G Vernon McGee and John Hagee and all the others for two reasons:

my car’s radio is analog: the diocesan radio station has gone digital.

I listen to these preachers for entertainment value. They do come up with some colossal blunders.


BTTB has been on the radio for many years. Woodrow Kroll has been the teacher only a few years. He teaching is very Biblicly sound.
J.V Mcgee passed away many years ago but his teaching was also very docturely sound

I listened to him the other day. I own his series (from back when he was alive). Yes, he teaches the Bible only, but what he teaches about the Bible is pretty sound. Sure he can err like anyone can, but most of the background is good and since it is based on a through the Bible format as opposed to sermons or systematic topics, there is little that Catholics will find amiss.

I think the caution against Catholics listening is founded in that they need to be aware that the theology read* into* the scripture at time might be errant. For me, I have little problem with this stuff as I grew up with it and had been totally immersed in it (I practiced listening by immersion, like a good Baptist).

You know, when I was a lapsed Catholic back in the mid-80s I loved watching Jerry Falwell. THAT was part of the reason I left the Church for twenty years. Just because there might be a few good things in thier sermons does not negate the danger you are putting yourself in. Comparing a radio or TV preacher (who might be great speakers, Kroll If I remember had a great radio voice) to the your parish priest (whose homily might not be as ‘exciting’) is not something you want to play with.
Unless you are steeped in the faith, I would stay away.
Don’t make the same mistake I made.

I wonder why all the very great Gospel preachers were protestants, Men like Billy Sunday, Billy Graham , Adrian Rogers, Dr Kenneth Good and many others. Maybe that was God,s plan

You missed Jim Jones and David Koresh. Besides, not all fiery preachers are Protestants. Bishop Fulton Sheen and John Corapi come to mind as examples. If we want to go back to those who are deceased, we have a myriad.

God’s plan does not require such talents. His greatness is made perfect in our weakness. He does not see as man sees.

Not according to Catholic doctrine. :slight_smile:

Define “great”.

It couldn’t be that you are a little bit biased in your determination of who is great, eh Allis?


**The Center of Catholic Worship is Christ, not a man in a pulpit! **

When the Eucharist is removed from a Christian’s life, they are forever trying to find something to replace it with.

This past week I learned of yet another fundamentalist preacher caught up in a sex scandal. From where I am now across the Tiber, I am truly saddened that a church, a marriage, and especially children are going through this. I’ve seen this re-run before countless times and it is not pretty.
The problem is the whole structure of what these fundamentalist/evangelical churches are based on.
The centerpiece of worship is a pulpit for a man.
And if that man is immature emotionally, its inevitable that these things occur. They are almost set up for a fall because of the man-worship.
Does the Catholic Church have scandals in this sex-soaked society? Yes. But the priest is not the center of worship in the Catholic Church. When the priest approaches the altar, the Tabernacle is there with the Eucharist. Jesus is the center of worship, The priest is an instrument. If he falls into sin it does not negate the Eucahistic Sacrifice.
But in fundamentalism, the pulpit is in the center of the church. Oh yes, they will say 'its God we worship and is taught from the Bible. To even suggest that Communion is the center of worship turns fundamentalists into a tailspin.
Yet it is the ONE worship COMMAND Jesus gave to His Church, not preaching. A good homily or sermon is important, but that is not the centerpiece of worship.
When a pulpit is the center, for a man who gives his ‘interpretation’ of the Bible, its inevitable he is puffed up with pride. He is a little messiah with followers, and he begins to believe he is invincible. Once that pulpit is worshipped, a preacher naturally can reason his way into anything.
Take that pulpit down, and it must be replaced with something. I’ve never had a desire to return to that pulpit because I found something greater than that: the Lord Jesus Christ feeding me with Himself.
Ronald Reagan said once: " Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
Fundamentalists, tear down that pulpit!

Why would you bring up the sex scandal thing by fundamental churches. Just this morning I heard on the radio that a Catholic parish somewhere was going to file for bankruptcy after it found out that it was going to be sued because of a sex scandal involving one of it’s priests. Kind of sneaky don’t you think?

What is sneaky about bankrupcy?

That doesn’t make any sense:

  1. Getting sued doesn’t mean that they will lose.

  2. The parish assets are owned by the diocese, and whoever is suing would have to sue the diocese.

  3. And entities cannot just file for bankrupsy unless they’re in trouble financially.

Sneaky? Um…no.

Did you actually read the post?
Obviously not, because if you did you would have seen the point was the flaw in evangelical worship. A flaw the LEADS to the kind of thing mentioned. The worship of the pulpit, which raises man up, not God.

If you would read my profile you will note that I am almost older that dirt. I have meet many fundamential preacher. I have not meet a one, not even one, that has not been a humble servent of the Lord.

Who would you consider to be a “great Gospel preacher” between the years of 107 AD and 1517 AD?

According to whom?

Good thing the Church’s holiness/divinity isn’t defined by its members. The Church is holy because Jesus, the head of the Church, is holy. Humans will always disappoint.

The diocese in Delaware filed for bankruptcy on the eve of the day it was going to trial for the sex abuse of some of it’s priests. This action freezes all lawsuit against the diocese.

sneaky? Um…YES

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