OK to pray for Planned Parenthood's bankruptcy?

Is it OK to pray that Planned Parenthood will go bankrupt someday? After all, the organization is the biggest abortion provider in the United States.

It is probably better to pray for a change of heart than for misfortune. Pray FOR your enemies.

I’m gonna have to say no, don’t do it. I don’t think it would be spiritually edifying for you. Meltzerboy has given good advice above.

I remember discussing prayer at RCIA and how we should pray for positive spiritually changing events to occur for someone else and also ask for Gods will to be done. e.g. instead of asking for Robert Mugabe’s death, perhaps ask that he as a practicing Catholic receives and listens to positive spiritual guidance from his Priest which alters his behaviour and decision-making processes.

Having said that if you were to pray for a change of heart with PP staff and policies and the eventual outcome was bankruptcy for PP. Were your prayers answered? Maybe, maybe not but at least you know that you prayed for a positive change without any malice on your part.

Yes! And surrender the details to the Lord.

Bernard Nathanson was a former abortion doctor and high ranking member of Planned Parenthood who converted to Catholicism and became a pro-life activist. Same with Norma Mccorvey (the Roe in Roe v Wade).

There is hope for them. Meltzerboy is right, we must pray for our enemies.

I don’t think it’s wrong, but why be so specific? If they go bankrupt abortion may still be legal just someone else doing it.

I’d pray for conversion of heart of those who support abortion.

maybe pray that someday we can get a president and congress that would be brave enough to revoke their tax money? They get MILLIONS of our TAX $ to poison our future (it might even be close to Billion now)

That would probably be okay to pray for - that they lose their tax $ (which would in turn shut down some affiliates that do abortions)

I would pray that they went bankrupt, I had never thought about it before but now that you brought it up I definitely will.

Not wise to pray for bad things to happen to other people. Yes we know what they are doing but wishing harm on others who harm others is descending to their level as well as bad logic and spiritually bankrupt.

Better to pray for their change of heart as well as the decision-makers and politicians.

Love thy enemies.

In other words you should be OK with them being solvent and doing well moneywise. OK I get it.

Read my post and the other posts again. It’s for your spiritual welfare, I know you will do want you want but think about it is all we are asking.

Think about what you are asking God for. Is it possible that there another way to pray which doesn’t involve malice or badwill and also puts PP out of business?

Right now I am more worried about the 333,000 innocent children that are killed by Planned Parenthood every year. If you read the original posters question it was asked if it was OK to pray for PP’s bankruptcy…not to pray for any evil to befall any person that works for PP or anyone going there for services. We give millions and millions of taxpayers dollars annually to support the carnage provided by Planned Parenthood, yet you would not pray for the funding to stop?
I sincerely thank you for your concern for my spiritual welfare, believe me I am concerned too. That is why I will continue to pray that Planned Parenthood will no longer be funded. I guess that in your mind that would be an evil thing, but I just don’t see it that way.

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