Ok to use LunaPads?


Ok, there used to be an old thread here about LunaPads, but I didn’t want to dig up anything that old…so I’ll start a new thread. (And, if you don’t know already, LunaPads are reusable, cloth menstrual pads.)

I first heard about LunaPads here, and I’ve been a very happy user for many months. But just today, I was browsing through their website, specifically the section where they talk about organizations which they donate money and/or pads to. And I found some places (“Women’s centers”, Sexual Health centers, etc.) that I really don’t want to be donating to. (Pro-choice, pro-birth-control, etc.)

I do work hard to boycott companies when I learn that they are donating to causes which I oppose. So I was just wondering what people’s opinions on this might be. And does anyone know of any similar products that I could buy if I do boycott them?


If you look into every coroporation, you will find a link to something somewhere - if not the corporation then the individuals who profit from that company.

You could make your own pads, of course - the place where you purchase the material would then need to be reviewed.

For me, there is a difference between donating because of a stand (for instance, buying the pink ribbon yogurt simply because it is the pink ribbon yogurt) and investigating every single place where I spend my money.

Planned Parenthood gets a big pile of tax dollars, but, I cannot quit work :shrug:


Agreed. If you go back to disposables, I can almost guarantee Procter and Gamble are donating a lot more money to Planned Parenthood and similar.

The Lunapads should last you for a few years. You can’t return them so even if you stop using them you’ve lost the money. Like kage_ar said, you can make your own when the Lunas wear out- although the fabric store might be making donations to undesirable causes…

Seriously, unless we live as Amish, there’s no way around it. I refuse to donate directly. If I know about a company’s stand and have an alternative that is within my ability to afford and acquire, I’ll go with the alternative. Otherwise, I choose to support Church charitable organizations and Right to Life.

-Jen, who’s going to keep using the Lunas


Just make your own…:thumbsup:


lol, I would love to actually…but I don’t know how to sew! I tried to sew a decorative patch on my purse, and I ended up with bandaids on all of my fingers!! And then I realized that I had actually sewn my purse SHUT…and I had to start all over! :o


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Uhm, can I sew some for you? If I can make diapers, I can make pads!!

Do the LunaPads have snaps? I have never bought, nor seen one. I am making my own pads though, especially for my post partum period.

I’ll go look into this…


Lunas have snaps on the bottom.
The pad itself has ric-rac across the top and bottom to hold the liner on. This allows the user to layer more liners if more absorption is needed- and to save money. I bought more liners to use throughout the day, rather than more pads.
Would you be able to swing some post-partum pads too?
I would be glad to take some up close pics of them for you KC, if you’d like.


I would LOVE that! Thanks! I’ll PM you!!


KC- here are a few examples of the tops of the pads. I will PM you with better pics. But I figured this would give you a starting place.

The liners and pads are 2 layer 100% cotton flannel base topped with a central pad made with 1 layer of ultra-thin nylon and 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece, plus ric-rac bands to hold Liners for added absorbency. Sewn-on 3-snap plastic fastener.





Postpartum Liners:


WOW, I went to the site – but the pics you provided are awesome.

Thanks girlfriend!

So rick-rack holds on to the liner, but what kind of fabric is the liner that the rick-rack holds onto? Is it fleece? I never thought of using rick-rack as a “grabber.” Clever!

We’ll have to discuss this some more in PM. It looks so easy, really, and I do have the serger! I am already making breast pads for milk leakage. I am using terry, flannel and micro-fleece. :thumbsup:


The liners are double-layer 100% cotton fleece. They are very soft and crazy absorbent. I’ve not once had a leakage problem with the Lunas (had semi-regular leakage with the disposable pads).

If you make pads, use darker colors of fleece- less staining. :blush:


I agree. And I like the patterns on the lunapads. I have a friend who uses hagrags, and she has seasonal pads. A bit out there, but I think they are cute and a bit silly. I have one from Luna that has French Kitties on it.


If you like the luna pads here is a pattern, there are also a few other patterns there. They are really easy to sew and it would be a great starter project for learning.



Fantastic!! I do like my lunapads, and I’ve always wanted to learn to sew! I’m not in desperate need of them, since what I have should last a while, so I can study these patterns and work on my (non-existant) sewing skills!! :smiley:



Hillbillyhousewife.com has patterns . Good luck with your project.


Could you make them out of hemp? Or is that not advisable for mama pads?


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
We must have attended the same home ec class in high school. I haven’t spoken to my sewing machine in quite a while. I did manage a pot holder that is very sad looking.


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