Ok whats that new Tom Hanks movie called?

I just saw it the other day…oh man…

Angels and Demons!!

ok so:

1.) In the begining of the movie, when they go to Rome, the Bishops and/or Priests are getting out of vans…and they’re greeting eachother, shaking hands…and they’re smoking. When going into the church, i think it is, they go through metal detectors…and then it shows them taking off Rolexes, and big gold and diamond rings…

Is this* really *how it is?? I mean??

2.) If they do all smoke like that…why? Why is it allowed?? If your body is a temple, shouldnt it be a sin, just like any other drug?? Why would it be different than smoking, say, marijuana? Because marijuana’s illegal here? What about in other countries?? Could a priest or bishop smoke marijuana in another country if it was legal?? It just seems weird to me that a priest or bishop would smoke cigarettes…the addiction-temptation thing…

yup. another distortion of the Church by Dan Brown and his cinema cohorts.

i mean, priests are sinners–though I wouldn’t doubt there are those who are saints–, but that movie is just plain and unfair exaggeration.

Right?? I mean, I’m a returning catholic…and by returning its really more like a convert beause i wasnt really here in the first place…and ive never been to rome…but even i thought that couldnt be right…all the jewelry…rolexes…rings…their talking on cellphones and smoking…c’mon…

hey, that’s me too! :smiley:

I’ve heard of priests who smoke, seen priests who drive big cars, and know a priest who gets special dispensation to use grape juice instead of wine because he’s a former alcoholic…

but, they are fairly few in number, and those are probably their only vices (and hard to get rid of… more like addictions!) they have. not excusing the sin in any way of course.

i also learned that people like to give them gifts and sometimes it’s useful to have them (cellphone i discovered certain priests–very involved pastorally-- use a LOT… like every 10 minutes).

and anyway still, God loves to choose the weak to raise them up. Think David and Bathsheba.

Any book by Dan Brown (or movie adaptation thereof) is not a reliable source for any info regarding the Catholic Church.

I never thought it would be Joe…I think were all in agreement that the scene in question is exaggerated…but the question still persists…

Priests…Bishops … smoking…Do they?? Why is that okay…if they do??

If Obama smokes, then it must be OK!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


oh no he didnt…

Check out this thread: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=359121

:slight_smile: I think that might help …

“Clear up the smoke”.

sorry. i have a bad addiction to puns and similar things.

I know several priests who smoke. Smoking is one of those things, like the consumption of alcohol, that the Church condemns the immoderate use of (see CCC 2290). However, the Church has never stated that smoking is sinful in and of itself.

I personally think smoking is a bad idea and a nasty habit. I also think that one can credibly argue that smoking modern-day cigarettes (with all the chemicals added) can be objectively wrong, but the Church does not mandate such a position.

Just look at G.K. Chesterton. He was a master apologist and one of the most influential Catholic thinkers of the 20th century, but he had “the habit.” You can read his thoughts on the subject in On American Morals. Chesterton is baffled by the fact that people consider smoking to be a moral issue at all. In his opinion, it is not.

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