Okay, am I pushing this


I recently had my little daughter Susie :love: last Friday February 27–the first Friday in Lent at 3:12 am.

I had a short, intense (read: out of my mind painful) labor that I offered up for my brother who is having some difficulties in his life relating to addiction. He’s been out of the Church for 10 years.

To me, it was meaningful that she was born at 3:12 am on a Friday. But, I know that it’s 3 pm that is the Hour of Mercy.

So, do you think that 3** am** could have the same associations, or am I just being hopeful? Be honest!!


3 a.m. or p.m. Divine Mercy Hour. Congratulations and God’s blessings to your growing family.


Leonie… I greatly admire you… for taking such a difficult and painful moment… childbirth; and offering that pain for your brother.

I’m certain that Our Lord was greatly pleased with your gesture… and that it will benefit your brother in ways you may never know, till in Heaven. I wouldn’t worry about the “Hour”. The sacrifice was immensely valuable, and that you could even think of making it… during such pain shows the kind of loving/giving person you are. God bless you… and congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

MV :flowers:


You never know. I had my son on Good Friday and always saw it as a good sign for him. He is now nearly 12. I went into labour on the Wed and it was a very difficult labour and honestly I think he should have been a still birth, but he made it by half an hour into Good Friday and I just felt like he hung on long enough to be born on a special day. I was a lasped Catholic and over the years I often pondered about his birth and how special he looked when he was born and about him being born on Good Friday, and whether being born on Good Friday was a sign he was meant to work for God when he grew up and those thoughts led me to think of God more and over time I felt pulled back to the Church. There were a number of things that draw me back, but in my heart I felt it was his birth and the day he was born on that started that little fire to come home.

So if you believe in the significance of the time your daughter was born on, then I believe too! It does not hurt to ponder somethings in our hearts because those ponderings sometimes draw us closer to God in some way.

And it is important to believe in the intentions we throw up to God, for what is the point of throwing them up if we don’t believe when we do so.


Really? The only connotation I’ve heard with 3am is not a nice one, I won’t repeat it here.


Somewhere in the world, it’s always 3 PM sun time.

And as the Apostle said, “NOW is the acceptable time”–and isn’t it always now?


:eek: yikes!!

Well, the devil certainly has a hold on my brother’s life…


…I would trust your inner voice and take it as a blessing-the 3 is about the Trinity-and I’m sure they were very pleased with your thoughts of others at such a time…congratulations on your new little one…God Bless:heaven:


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