Okay, need help with Protestant vocabulary

I know that Catholics and Protestants have slightly different vocabularies. We often use the same word for different things.

When a Protestant says to “claim a scripture,” what does that mean?

And it is the same as making a “confession?”

I’m reading a book by a Protestant and I’m having a little bit of trouble understand the concepts.

So, if you can explain the terms a little bit and maybe enlarge on the idea, I’d be very appreciative.

Well, what I’ve always heard it meant was something along the lines of “claim it for your own” or to believe that it applies to you and not forget it. Usually the times I’ve heard this it relates to scriptures on forgiveness, and to believe that they apply even when you’re not feeling forgiven.

Sorry, I have no idea how to relate it to a confession, maybe someone else can help us here?


What’s the book (and what’s it about)?

“Claim a Scripture” is Evangelical Speak for “accept the promises of God as proclaimed in Scripture” or “enjoy the graces of God as proclaimed in Scripture.”

“Claim a Scripture” is also Prosperity Gospel Speak for “blab it, grab it.”

I think “making a confession” might be a reference to confessing to beliefe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Similar to making a profession of faith.


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