Okay to listen to?

I have been struggling for a while with what exactly is okay to listen to. Obviously music that is anti-Christian or curses is not acceptable.

What about music that does neither, but is not Christian? I understand music was created for our enjoyment, but I feel like I am not being faithful or something by listening to something that is not Christian.

Any thoughts?

Jingle bells, Jingle bells…that’s okay

Secular music may be a problem for one person, and not for the next.

Best to speak with a trusted Spiritual Advisor/your Confessor - someone who knows you.

I love many kinds of music.

Ive heard a few Christian songs, and those singing may love God, but doesnt mean the music is reverent. Soe of them seem even a bit generic.

Anyone heard a song that goes something like I had coffee with Jesus…no thanks.

Some secular music out there is not too bad, Ive been a bit picky too. Stay away from rap, heavy metal, and some r’n’b… and britney spears :wink:

I agree that all rap is trash, but there is good heavy metal out there, some with christian undertones. I listen to heavy metal a lot, and it doesn’t affect my relationship with God one bit.
But yeah, do stay away from Britney Spears:thumbsup:

I think that you are going to have to listen to your heart on this one. If something makes you uncomfortable, try to avoid it. Just don’t use your own reaction as a gauge to what is best for everyone.

You can listen to anything you want as long as you keep it in perspective. Posters to CA boards have listened to pretty much anything under the sun. It does not make them bad Catholics or bad people if you know the music you are listening to is kept separate from other parts of their personality.

As long as it’s not glorifying sin, listen to what you want.

I am not disagreeing with only adding to what you just said.:slight_smile:

God knows us better then we know ourselves. Sometimes individuals will have weaknesses that they might not be aware of. If a genre of music or movies makes you feel uncomfortable it might be God working on you-as an individual-not to listen to this particular type of music. That doesn’t mean that the music itself is bad. It only means that people react differently and their individual reactions should be taken into account.

So if I have a friend who is disturbed by heavy metal music-which I occasionally listen to-I won’t play that genre around them. Not because the music is evil but because my friend might spiritually have some individual weakness that is effected by the music even if it doesn’t bother me.(Hopefully, that made sense)

:thumbsup: Ding ding ding!

Some songs I prefer not to listen to because it reminds me of certain ex-girlfriends. Both the ones I am glad to be rid of and the ones I am sorry have slipped away. Certain songs cause long-buried and unwelcome images, memories, and emotions to resurface in each of us.

Sometimes certain things are best left buried and forgotten in the past.

Like many of my posts. :smiley:

What, like symphony?

Listen to what you like and don’t worry so much, geez. :rolleyes:

You have not heard some of the great rap done by Catholic artists…



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