Okay to talk to Saints outside of prayer?

We pray to Saints and ask them for their intersession, but I was wondering: is it okay to talk to saints like one would a friend? Not on the side walk or anything, but perhaps at home- to talk to a Saint as though they were an old friend in the room? Or should we only pray to them for their intersession, and not talk (chat, converse, etc) with them? Danke :).

Hey whats wrong with sidewalk of course its alright but to be more effective warior you would need to ask thier help for someone while in this conversation when I am at loss at what to pray for I just pray in tounges

well that would be my definition of prayer to the saints, conversation as with a friend, so I would say, yes.

I talk to Jesus, Mary, the saints like in a conversation. I get casual and I ramble on problems. I like to be more casual when talking to Jesus in adoration and less formal thought I do say formal prayers. I even get a bit casual with God the Father and well, maybe a bit more formal with the Holy Spirit.

That’s one of the nice things about being Catholic and understanding the Communion of Saints, you realize that you have friends in heaven.

They are the Church triumphant. Talk to them as you would someone at church. Friend, brother or sister. Tim

Thank you :)!

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