Okay to use birth control?



I am currently a candidate going through RCIA. I have a question about Birth Control.

I come from a fundamentalist background, and have been taught my whole life that BC is totally fine for married people. Since becoming catholic i choose to believe this is wrong, but I don’t feel convicted about it at all! I’ve read everything by catholics I can ge tmy hands on, but I lack the conviction. I still make a choice to find it unacceptable.

Then I went to a doctor because I was having very heavy, very long, very irregular (1 month, 2 weeks, or even 3 months apart!) and very painful periods. My emotional problems (PMS) was getting to the point I was hard to be around. My doctor prescribed me yasmin (birth control pill) and I have been on it for a month now and i have noticed weight loss, emotional stability and even a clear head. Hormonal problems ar enot uncommon to my family, and it looks like I got a bad case of it, and birth control pills have really made life a LOT easier for me!

however, I feel awful. I am planning to be married to a very good catholic man in 4 months, and we both feel weird about. Although I feel weird because I don’t feel bad about using birth control, even though the church says I should. I must be honest, i do NOT want to get pregnant right away. My future husband and I COULD support a child if God so blessed us, but we both don’t want it, and because of my female issues I have pills. Am I sinning if I don’t stop using them when I am married??

Oh, and in my family because of the irrugularity, it’s been hard for my family members to have kids, so I am also hoping with a regular period, it will make having children later in life a lot easier, when we are really ready for kids (when my student loans are paid off) we want a LOT :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Have you looked into NFP? I know there are books out there by ccl about the emotional side of female fertility. There may be something in your diet or lifestyle that could contribute to the painful periods.

Maybe try to find a catholic doctor in your area who could give you advice sans ABC.

Good luck on the road ahead of you :thumbsup:


actually, I forgot to mention this. I did look into NFP, but because of my irregularity it would be impossible to really measure. I don’t have regular symtoms, and sometimes I have PMS for 3 weeks. Also, I did start eating things that were supposed to help and I worked out 5 times a week to try to alleviate the problem. To no avail, it actually was getting to the point that when I would exercise on or near my period I was throw up or pass out.


You’re having hormone treatment for a medical problem - it’s as simple as that.


First - welcome!

Second, I’ll phrase my advice in the form of an example…

A man goes to a doctor with a huge blue knot on the side of his knee and terrible pain in his leg. This pain is impacting the man’s work, ability to move, he is depressed from the constant pain and is irritable to his wife and children. The pain in his leg is KILLING him. The doctor says “here, take these pain pills”.

After a week, the man goes back to the doc for follow up. The doc says “how are those pain pills working”. The man answers that the pain is gone, he is able to sleep, to walk and feels much better. Of course, the man says, I still ahve this huge blue knot on the side of my knee.

The doctor pats the man on the head and says “well, you are no longer in pain, so, you just keep taking those pain pills and you are all better now”.

You would tell this man to find a new doctor! While the pills mask the symptom, nothing is done to treat the root CAUSE.

This happens to women every single day. They have “female problems”, doc can write a script for BCPs and all the symptoms are masked so they pat you on the head and say “you are all better”.

These pills do not regulate your period, they stop your period and induce a fake cycle.

My advice, find a doctor who will treat the CAUSE of your problems. Learn NFP and begin your marriage in line with the teachings of Christ!


Also, there are MORE than one kind of NFP. Look into Billings or Creighton for example…


This is not the place to give medical advice! I am a doctor - are you kage ar?

Leave medicine to doctors who have actually assessed the situation (and for example have a diagnosis)…


The Catholic Church teaches that birth control is wrong when used to prevent pregnancy. In cases where there is a real therapeutic reason for using the birth control, such as the issue you mentioned with irregular periods and similar circumstances, we believe that such use is acceptable.

Perhaps you would be interested in contacting the Paul VI Institute. They specialize in Catholic reproductive issues and are very morally sound.

Good Luck and God Bless :slight_smile:



Not a doctor - I am a woman who seeks out physicians who will treat the cause of problems that I have. :slight_smile:


well your analysis of the issue is rather superficial I’m afraid, esp in the lack of specific info about this lady’s condition
you are not in a position to make informed comment on the medical issues, and there is potentially medico-legal consequences if posting of pseudo-medical advice is allowed


Original poster, please seek a Pro Life/Pro NFP physician, one who will treat you in line with the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

To jack hawkins above, my prayers for you in your practice.


Regarding the pill for medical reasons:

you would be interested in contacting the [Pope] Paul VI Institute. They specialize in Catholic reproductive issues and are very morally sound.

I second this. I encourage you to check out NaProTECHNOLOGY.

I did look into NFP, but because of my irregularity it would be impossible to really measure. I don’t have regular symtoms,

The CrMS, as well as other NFP systems, may be used in women with irregular cycles.


Please provide Catholic documentation on this statement. I believe it to be false in the situation where a married person is on the pill (for medical reasons as PP loves to state) and then they have marital relations leaving the abortifacient proporty of the pill to commit murder.


She didn’t give medical advice. She stated facts. Birth Control Pills do not treat anything. They trick a woman’s body with hormones into thinking it’s pregnant for 21 days and then the last week, placebo pills are taken that cause a withdrawal bleed. They do NOTHING to regulate a woman’s cycle or cure a disease (the only exception might be endometriousis) and when coming off the Pill can cause even further problems in conceiving and normal cycling. The OP should seek out a medical professional that has some clue about NFP (omsoul.com has links to providers) and how to HELP a woman with such issues, instead of applying the bandaid of BCP. Some other books that might help: Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition by Marilynn Shannon available from ccli.org

Other forms of NFP and contact info:

Irregular cycles DO NOT mean you can’t track your fertility.

I’m a convert as well, and it is scary to put your trust in God’s will for deciding your family size. There are other ways to treat the problems you have. I hope that you will seek out other answers to your medical problems besides the pill. “Easy” doesn’t mean “moral”.

God bless,


I’m a soon-to-be convert, like you, and like you I don’t “feel” any conviction regarding birth control. But you say that you are choosing to believe that it is wrong. I am assuming that you mean that.

The reason the pill is considered immoral is because it makes the womb inhospitable to a newly fertilized egg - the itsy bitsy unborn life dies of unintentional neglect. If you believe that, then no medical reason is acceptable.

I have irregular cycles, as well. I am reading “The Art of Natural Family Planning”. You probably know that what most folks believe is NFP - the “rhythm method” doesn’t work for irregular cycles, but modern methods like the Sympto-Thermal method are perfect for irregular cycles. They take irregularity into account.

NFP is a discipline, but you can do it. Be grateful that you have a husband who is already Catholic and will support you in making the right decision.


And you Sir, by your same logic should not give legal threats or advice. You may want to button your shirt as your ego is showing. Please keep your condecending tone only to the topic at hand.


Jennifer J, you are wrong about oral contraceptives - and an opinion was passed on medical treatment which equals medical advice
I wish people would leave medicine to doctors - they have spent several years learning all this stuff


a doctor has to know about medico-legal issues, so it is not straying out of my area of expertise - and I did not say anything that was remotely a threat
TY for your unChristian remakrs, I will give them the credence they deserve
PS there’s an ‘s’ in condescending


I agree, and NFP-only physicians do provide alternatives to the pill.


Please, Sir, Lord, Doctor, exactly HOW am I wrong about how the PILL works? I’ve taken the pill (before converting), I’ve read the patient insert and the physician info and am smart enough to do my own research.

Of course, it really doesn’t matter, as the Church has stated that BCP’s are not a moral/licit form of regulating births. That’s the point, isn’t it? Perhaps you could do some more research on NFP and NapRo Technology and then get back to us.



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