Okay, warning, childlike faith question

The blessing. Going up during communion for a blessing. I know its a no no in mainstream RC but at an EC I am attending its actually ENCOURAGED. I just can’t get out of my seat for the blessing. I can’t even lift up my head anymore. Get up and go to mass joyful, but when its communion time, my joy escapes me. I have been told I can’t approach, now I can. Why these conflicting rules? Who is making up these rules? Do you realize you are hurting someone’s spirit? I am so defeated, I feel so depressed after mass. The poor deacon and the priest just look at my poor soul and try to make me hopeful. They do not know with what determination I try to make it through one more week (?), two?, Easter without communion will be like death for me.

On your header it says you are Catholic. If you are a Catholic of any rite, then you may receive communion in any Catholic Church, Roman or Eastern, so long as you are not in a state of mortal sin. If you are in a state of mortal sin, then all you need to do is to receive the sacrament of penance, and then you may receive communion.

Why the despair? Is there something somehow preventing your absolution? If not, make haste to the sacraments, and the life of grace in your soul will be restored.

God bless.

I’ve followed several of your threads dear one, and I think it’s time to ask the priest to anoint you.
Ask for the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. This is done for people who are suffering form any kind of ailment: physical, spiritual, mental, anything.
Forgive me, but from your threads it sounds like you are either getting conflicting messages about your conversion (at one time you said you were in RCIA), then you said you priest refused to hear your confession but you never said why, and now you want to get a blessing at Communion time.
As many have already said the blessings are pretty much constant at Mass.
The priest offers us Christ’s peace at the beginning of Mass and during as well.
The priest standing in Persona Christi asks us to pray with him many times. At the end everyone there is offered a blessing. A REAL BLESSING, not just “words” .
Why is it that you believe the communion line “blessing” is somehow better? Or you are missing something? Anyone is who is present, singing, praying with the priest and other is participating in the Mass. Don’t think that if you don’t get in line you’re somehow odd or people will think harshly. Nobody is looking. Everyone is engaged in prayer.
**That’s what you need to do. **
Why can’t you go to communion, as the previous posted has asked?
If you end up in the line with an EMHC ( someone other than the priest) you won’t get a blessing anyway.
I’m praying for you and that you find peace in the Church. But I wonder why you are always saying that feel miserable? That’s the impression I get. Do you think you are depressed? Are there annulment issues?
At any rate…your header says you are Catholic. Any Catholic may request the Anointing of the Sick. You will receive God’s healing grace for depression, real pain, physical ailments, or whatever is troubling you.
Everyone here wants you to thrive, not just “get by”.
Praying for you, as are many others.
I’m confused. :shrug:

The “rules” as you say, are meant to further explain the Eucharist and it’s worthy reception. Catholics in good standing may receive Holy Communion. In some places, priests encourage non-catholics to come up for a blessing from him. This practice is not the norm. It IS confusing when one person tells you one thing, and then others say it’s no big deal.

But regardless, if you are a Catholic in good standing, and as you say, you cannot even lift your head to walk to Communion, you need to speak with the priest, your Spiritual Director, or your RCIA sponsor & instructor about this. Don’t let it go any further.

Either ask for the Anointing or get counseling.
Peace to you.

Casilda has a tough time at Communion time.

Hey,** the Catholic Church does NOT have a RULE** about forcing a person to perform any act during the time a Mass for Communion.

You can just stay there, sitting in your seat.
You can go up to the Altar Server and receive the Eucharist.
You can go up and receive a Blessing.
You can go up, and walk off with the person before you in Line.
You can walk to the back of the Church, and roll up into the Fetal position.

Those who cannot receive Holy Communion for whatever reason are encouraged to make an act of spiritual communion. A priest or deacon can give you a blessing at anytime but asking them to do so during the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass seems ill-timed. Besides, you receive the same blessing at the end of Mass when the priest gives the final blessing to the congregation.:signofcross:

Or you can go home at that point…many do. :shrug:

As far as I am aware anyone can go in line at communion to recieve a blessing. Our priests do it all the time to regular church members and non regular members.

After reading all the conflicting answers just in this one thread, no wonder she’s confused. Alas, that is not uncommon on CAF, with everyone putting in their 2 cents.

Here is mine: Ignore everything you read here and do what your priest tells you to. Then start learning about the faith from official sources, such as the Catechism. If you have questions, go to the priest. Don’t be trying to learn your faith from strangers on an internet message board. Too many people don’t know what they are talking about.

If you are a Maronite, learn their ways.

And if you want to ignore my advice, feel free to.

Yes, it has been very depressing. I would have preferred to stay Lutheran, the closest I had gotten my husband to the Catholic faith. I was joyful there, receiving communion, involved in service ministries, fundraising, getting fed spiritually at convention where you see thousands of women there to serve the Lord. Yes, there was a little something missing, yes i was the oddball (i was too Catholic). I left because my husband saw that and was willing to be Catholic now. The transition has been hell on earth. I feel like i fell off the edge of the earth into spiritual darkness. I have no priest, no spiritual director, no ‘sponsor’, they are suggested here but that doesn’t exist. I have been in this darkness so long I do not even know how to get out, hence why I can not even get up for a blessing now that I can. I feel so beaten down.

The EC priest actually reads and responds to emails. I have already asked a question in person and I got the typical I don’t know about that response. It was regarding a particular saint’s spirituality. I didn’t know there was a roadblock between RC and EC saints. You see in my world a saint is a saint is a saint, whether they were pre- or post-schism, and a martyr for Christ is a martyr whether they were a Baptist missionary or a Jesuit. Maybe that is what is keeping me in this darkness, I don’t belong in any church that exists today. I belong to Christ.

Wow. I now see what you mean. I am truly sorry for your position. I would meet with the priest in person, since emails are not doing it for you. Make an appointment and pour your heart out. Perhaps there is a person there who will sit with you and listen, as well as offering advice.
OR, go to your local RC Church. Ask for an appointment. Explain that it’s a long story.
I don’t know anything about the Eastern churches, so I can’t speak to that.
I do know that in most Catholic Churches a Priest or a Deacon will meet with you.
Maybe someone who is EC can fill in the blanks for you.
I will pray for you.

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