OKC archbishop decries Civic Center 'Black Mass'


From the Edmund Sun:

Archbishop Paul Coakley has called on Catholics to pray that God might change the minds of the organizers of a “Black Mass” scheduled for later this year in Oklahoma City.

On Tuesday, Coakley expressed his astonishment and disappointment at this event and called on community leaders to reconsider whether it is an appropriate use of public space.

“The ‘Black Mass’ that is scheduled for the Civic Center in September is a satanic inversion and distortion of the most sacred beliefs not only of Catholics, but of all Christians,” Coakley said.


Civic Center Music Hall spokeswoman Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock said the Civic Center Music Hall is a taxpayer funded entity and in that capacity it honors and upholds relevant state and federal laws including the U.S. Constitution, which allows for the free expression of speech and equal protection among all groups and individuals.

Surprised that such a thing would be happening, in of all places, Oklahoma City.

Prayers for the Christians of that fair city.

(BTW, I could have put this in “Catholic News”, as it involved reaction from the local Ordinary, but I thought “World News” was, all in all, more appropriate)

On edit: here’s a screen clip from the Civic Center’s web site:


I wish that there was no such thing as a “Black Mass” but unfortunately this Satanic mockery of the real Mass does exist. It is truly an Occult thing and is extremely spiritually dangerous. We ought to pray for all practitioners of the Occult that they would be protected from Satanic and demonic influence and that they would be converted to Catholicism.


“adaptations” for a “legal celebration” - so they won’t use a nude woman as an altar?

Will they desecrate a consecrated host?


Christians everywhere need to pray against the success of this event. Should it actually get scheduled and appear to be going on we should prepare to pray as much as we can on this day. Pray against all evil and Satan’s intentions.

Pass the word to as many as you can.


The organization sounds more like an inversion of Zoroastrianism, rather than an inversion of Christianity. Quoting from a 2013 press release:

We are dedicated to Angra Mainyu, he is the original devil from Zoroastrianism. This religion also finds its roots in Vedic Hinduism as well. Angra Mainyu is about freeing mankind from the enslavement and servitude to that dogmatic God, Ahura Mazda.

I think they use the term “black mass” for its shock value. Considering that they have already held this event four times, and have never attracted even 50 attendees, I think they don’t merit attention. Do not give them free publicity.


Excellent point.


I’m not so sure about ignoring this event, look at what happened in Harvard. They couldn’t find a site to host the abomination. It brought together the Christian community. They all attended a prayer service. Our praying against this event and praying for those who are or might be interested can be fruitful


:eek: I hope they have a bad turnout and not many show up.


UPDATED: How to stop the OKC “Black Mass”–for now

Hint: OKC organizer Adam B. Daniels is a registered sex offender who makes rape jokes.


I’m assuming that Harvard had some alumni that weren’t too happy with it and pressure was put on the group at the extension school. This is just a guess of course.

I’m still sad that I missed the Eucharistic procession that night though. It looked amazing. One of my parish priests was a part of it.


I didn’t know about any of that. Thanks.


Along with prayers to God asking that this wicked even be cancelled we can and should also write to the Mayor of Oklahoma City asking him to do whatever is in his power to cancel this event.

**Mayor Cornett’s email address is: mayor@okc.gov

As always we should be courteous in our emails to elected officials, especially when requesting their action in a matter of such importance. **


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