Okla. Court Dismisses Suit seeking Same-Sex ‘Divorce'

TULSA, OK, November 27, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - An Oklahoma judge today sided with the state’s Supreme Court and dismissed a lawsuit that sought a “divorce” between two women Tuesday. The two women had been originally “married” in Canada, where same-sex “marriage” is legal. The Oklahoma…

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As the article stated, Oklahoma voted several years ago that marriage was between one man and one woman. I remember voting for it. :thumbsup: You can’t get a divorce from something that the state does not recognize. If they seriously want a divorce they are going to have to go to another state that does recognize same sex marriage.

Excellent! I love the ruling… 'nuff said… they are living in a state that doesn’t recognize same sex marriage… so how could they dissolve that marriage?

WOW the joke is true
"let homosexuals get married so they can be misrable to"
Came true wow again

If they had a kid, just think if they re-married in Canada. Little Jimmy has 4 Mommy’s.

They are already a miserable bunch. Why do you think they want to shove their miseries (and perversions) on the populace. That way they will not “feel so bad”

Don’t know if I can cast that stone, considering the way my marriage is treated by the Church. Married in Court House just like the homosexuals and evidently keep getting the same treatment by the Church. Haven’t had my marriage blessed yet. Have had people say that when I sleep with my wife who is a cradle Catholic its sinning.

Why do Catholics have such a problem with homosexuals getting married, just count them invalid like you do Protestant weddings and Court House weddings.

God was not brought up once in my ceremony and it isn’t considered valid. Just keep this teaching and add homosexual weddings to the list of invalid ones.

Because the Catholic Church defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

It is my understanding that the Catholic Church recognizes as valid marriages performed in other denominations.

This court ruling is a good sign.

God bless

Wait…if they got married in Caanda, than what the heck are they doing trying to get a divorce in the US?

The Church counts it as valid but was not a sacrament and since my wife was Catholic at the time of our marriage she did a big NO NO

Legally we are married but not in the Eye’s of the Church. Some Priests make RCIA members get their marriage blessed before they can take communion and I was told my wife needs to confess sleeping with me while married because we where not married in the Church and she must confess for marring in the Court House.

God Bless


Wow, I wondered about this back in May - didn’t think it would come to pass so quickly.

Not me!

It’s also my understanding that Protestants can be in a sacramental marriage since it is the spouses who bestow the sacrament on each other.

Now THAT is an interesting question! :hmmm:


Dh believes the answer is #3.

In the example you used California.

The correct answer is:
4. Court declares anti-polygamy laws unconstitutional and man remains married to BOTH in civil law.

Probably because at least one of them lives in the US. The federal government recognizes heterosexual marriages performed in other countries, and if such a couple wants to divorce and they live in the US, this would be the natural place to file for divorce.

Unfortunately for the O’Darlings, the US federal government and most states do not recognize gay marriage. So the court’s decision was logical - no divorce possible because no marriage exists.

I’m guessing one of the O’Darlings will probably have to set up residence in Massachusetts, Connecticut or New York (or Canada) if she wants to pursue the divorce. Not doing so could leave her in a murky legal situation, where she has obligations and privileges concerning her spouse in some jurisdictions, but not in others.

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