Oklahoma Catholics: Planned Protests for Black Mass?

Do any locals know of any planned protests going on at the Civic Center in OK where the ‘black mass’ is taking place?

I’m considering flying over for such…


They have a lot of trouble in that diocese, and not just in OKC. We need to pray for the churches in Norman, too.

Praying to St. Michael the Archangel with all.

Will pray for all involved with this “black mass.”

I’m praying against all Black Masses, announced and unannounced.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.

Please sign this petition against the black Mass.

We need to stand up in addition to pray. Please pass this link to everyone on your email list.

Seriously, you guys are this event’s biggest promoter. The only place I hear about these Black Masses is from religious folks.

Satanism is silly and juvenile. They don’t even believe in a literal Satan. It’s just pageantry made to upset the religious. All they are doing is trying to get attention, and man, do you guys ever give it to them. Stop spreading links and petitions. You’re doing nothing but putting these idiots in the spotlight.

I guarantee, if you ignore them, they will leave you alone and go back to playing D&D or Magic cards or whatever game people who like to dress up in black robes play.

Sparkythedog, you are totally wrong. You, are the one who actually help those evil people. You want the evil to be ignorant to the public so they could do what they want. Don’t forget how the Harvard black Mass was cancelled. Due to the public pressure, Harvard student group cancelled the plan of black Mass. Sparkythedog, stop helping the evil!

Actually I think he has a point. I remember when the The Last Temptation of Christ became a must-see movie mostly because of the controversy surrounding it. Petitions against it abounded, and only served to spread awareness and sell tickets. Without the controversy and promotion caused by it, very few would have gone to see it IMO.

There are more effective ways of dealing with the devil IMO.

The satanists in oklahoma have already won the right to have a statue put at the state capitol as a way of protesting a statue of the 10 commandments. I am sure if you google it you will see what the statue will look like. It is probably best to not ignore them.

All the protest ended up doing was moving the event to another location. The group still ended up performing their silly ritual at a local restaurant.

The thing that bothers me about your particular post, though, is the use of the phrase “those evil people”. Defining other people as “evil” only serves to marginalize and dehumanize them. Be careful with what you say.

As long as religious monuments are allowed on the capitol grounds, Satanists have the right to put up their symbols. If the people of Oklahoma are uncomfortable with other religious icons being displayed on public property, then the solution is to remove all religious monuments.

In the mean time, Oklahomans can enjoy the larger than life statue of Baphomet apparently letting two children know where the International Space Station is located.

If the group’s ‘silly ritual’ involved stealing a Qu’ran from a mosque and publicly burning it and selling tickets for members of the public to come along and watch in a room rented in a public building, liberal secularists would be outraged. But to steal a consecrated host from the Catholic Church (which is the most scared thing to every Catholic and by its nature more scared to Catholics than a Qu’ran is to Muslims) defile it, and then offer it up to satan in a public display of mockery, is apparently OK?

I didn’t say it was ok. I think it is ridiculous and juvenile. But the more you guys throw up a stink about it, the more attention, this group gets.

You can’t legally stop them from performing their silly ritual but you can relegate their performance to relative obscurity by not doing their marketing for them. They count on hand wringing christians to stir up controversy, and controversy sells the event. Don’t give them that and they will fade away.

Isn’t the bishop planning on doing a Eucharistic procession to counteract this? Perhaps true adoration and worship of the Blessed Sacrament would be more effective. And we could all do it in our own diocese for that intention.

Baphomet - that was the name. Yes, the two children are by him.
How do the teachers explain this statue to school kids on a tour of the capitol?

Shouldn’t he be pointing down and not upwards?

So the issue of the stolen consecrated host, that’s perfectly legal? I thought possession of stolen goods was an offence.

And if someone took from you the most precious thing you hold dear in you life, defiled it and then planned to make a public spectacle of it deliberately mocking you and what you hold dear, you would just say, “Silly people, just ignore them”?

If they steal something from a church or personal property then you charge them with theft. Otherwise there is not much you can do about their ritual. It’s their right to practice their beliefs even if it mocks yours.

I don’t know how else to say it, but you guys are your own worst enemy here. The more controversy you create, the more tickets they will sell. You play into their hands by protesting. If you stop and just laugh them off as rediculous, they lose their power and credibility.

But you are coming at this from the presumption that what they are doing is nothing more than an empty ritual (possibly you think the same about a Catholic Mass). If it was an empty ritual, then yes it would probably be best ignored, and just let them get on with their meaningless mumbo-jumbo. So from where you are (and I’m making a presumption here) it is best to simply ignore them and laugh them off.

However if this is regarded from a position of believing that what they do is an evil ritual which is not empty, but can do much harm and damage to humanity, and is directly trying to subvert the Holy Mass, and they are using the physical body of our Lord and God (the consecrated host) defiled in the most perverted of ways and offering it up to satan in order to harm humanity, then perhaps you can understand why we might be getting a bit upset about it, and why we do want it stopped and to make Catholics (and other Christians) aware of it so that we can offer up prayers (which we believe have power).

So before you can convince us that this is an empty ritual you would first have to convince us that the Holy Mass is an empty ritual, that the consecrated host is not the body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord, and that satan doesn’t exist.

Can you therefore see that, from our underlying beliefs, this is not an empty, harmless ritual carried, but something very dangerous and evil?

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