Oklahoma Christians Counter Satanic Mockery of Virgin Mary with Prayer (Mockery During the Feast of the Assumption)


You should have a strong stomach if you read what Satanists will soon do to dishonor Jesus’ mother during the Feast of the Assumption, when Catholics honor the Virgin Mary and her ascent into heaven. They are having a black mass as well. Local Christians there are turning to prayer in response.
see catholicnewsagency.com/news/satanic-mockery-of-mary-only-helps-unite-oklahoma-christians-in-prayer-40335/


They need a complete change in leadership at city hall. :mad:


Seems sick to me.


They are just doing it to get a rise out of people and nobody but their select group would bother attending something like that.

But when you spread it all over the internet it gives them all the attention they want. Let them smash all the plastic statues they want. Who cares.


Just think if Christians did that during Ramadan. Wall to wall coverage for days.


We had, what I believe to have been, satanist neighbors. They do NOT stop at smashing statues. The laundryroom we had was trashed. They put out a desecrated statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I complained, and fortunately, it got taken down.

When they left, their house coincidentally burned to the ground. So much for being innocent and harmless. They thrive on, and create, chaos, lawlessness, crime of all kinds, and disorder. I notice their leader who will be there in Oklahoma is a known sex offender.

Do you have any idea what happens in Black masses? Google it and see.


Aren’t these kinds of things hate crimes?


I wish the Catholic Church would sue these Satanists and the venues that host them. It’s not a religion. They admit they don’t worship anything. Their sole reason for existence is to defame and slander Catholic beliefs. It’s a flat-out attack on Catholicism and hence should not be protected by freedom of religion or freedom of speech, but should be sued like the nuisance they are.


I think so. Imagine the outcry if there were similar events against Jews or against Muslims.


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