Oklahoma City/ Norman Parents


please tell me about Catholic life in OKC/Norman area and anything else I should know too. Very slim chance we may move there and it wouldn’t be for a while but I"m doing research now so we know whether to pursue it or cross it off the list.


**I know it’s close enough to my house for a visit. A 2 hour drive if you’re brave enough.:wink: **


I work in OKC. I live in Edmond, 20 minutes from my job up the Broadway Extension.Traffic is really pretty easy going…
I have been all over. I love visiting other places. But I would not live anywhere else but Oklahoma if I could.
Schools in Edmond are really good. We have the largest Catholic parish in the state (8,000 parishioners, 5 masses each weekend). It’s a very active parish with a pre-k thru 8th grade school.
We are 40 minutes from Norman or Stillwater (you choose which school is “YOUR’S”). Edmond also has a smaller university (UCO).
We have art museums, musical venues, basketball, baseball, football, and hockey.
We have gorgeous sunsets.
We are the friendliest place I have ever found.
The Beatles never played here.
We pay state income tax.
It’s really hot here in the summer.
Not so much a flaw but worth mentioning…
tornados…I have been in two in my life. I have seen hail, watched lightening strike electrical stations, and been weirded out by green skies. But (trumpet fanfare) we have the finest meteorological teams in the US. So we know when and where weather is happening and how to avoid the bad stuff. Which mostly occurs (when it does occur) between April and June.
Come visit us! We love company that stays and stays and stays until we just think of them as family.


You have a beautiful family! God bless you.

Space Cadet,
and if you are interested in Catholic Social Justice … www.justpeace.org
or Oklahoma Co-Op info… www.oklahomafood.coop
or St John’s Parish… www.stjohn-catholic.org


O yeah…although you seem to be having some problems with dairy, have you tried raw milk? Raw milk is legal to sell here. Norman area has a raw milk dairy at Newcastle I believe.
Edmond area has to drive 38 minutes to Kingfisher to a dairy that will sell raw milk. And those folks come into town for the farmers market to sell their cheeses and such.


We visit OKC for a weekend about every 3 or 4 months.
The Oklahoma City/Edmond area is beautiful. Are you interested in homeschooling? If so, Oklahoma is the BEST for that.
My dh has long time friends that live in Edmond and rave about the public schools there.
My sister lives in Moore… sigh.

Don’t worry about tornados. Norman has got a really pretty, brand spanking new National Weather Research Center - so you’d be the first to to know to hit the ground and hang on.:smiley: We plan on having a field trip there in the spring.

A funny for you:
Now you know how to tell a true, born Okie from a transplant to the state don’t you? The tornado sirens go off, the weather guy says to head for shelter… and the Okie is standing out in the driveway, looking up at the horizon, and discussing with the other Okie neighbors whether that dark cloud is a wall cloud or not and if it has enough rotation to be of concern yet.

**I can write that, because I’m an Okie. I can also get 7 children out of beds and in one tub at 3 am in less than 5 mintues.:wink: **


We’ve been talking about the possibility of re-locating to Edmond so this is good info for me, too! Thanks SpaceCadet :slight_smile:


wow, so excited Rob’s wife would be close enough for a visit and Princess Abbey could be a potential neighbor

who would have thunk it???

slyboots, thanks for all the info…i’d heard about Edmond but I am not sure if the commute would be too long for DH

we are considering homeschool but would do Catholic School if we don’t

i’m from FL so used to hot summers…one thing i hate about FL is when it is hot even at midnight…i don’t mind a hot day so long as it cools when the sun goes down…how is it there?
also what is fall like?


Okay, well the standard answer on what to bring for a visit to Oklahoma is umbrella, snow coat, and bathing suits. :stuck_out_tongue: Oklahoma can have some pretty weird weather. Yesterday morning temp was 39. Same day last year was 90 some odd degrees. Then there’s the year my 2nd ds was getting 1st Confession in late March after an early heat wave the week before and there was a record snow storm that kept us from leaving the church - even though there was no snow at all on the way to the church. Oh, and we’re in a multiple year drought period right now, but still had flooding last year in some areas.

So to answer your question in a very long-winded manner: It’s not the norm to have a 100o over nighter, but there are some summers of 80 - 90o night lows.


i have more time so i can ask more questions:)

i’d like to know more about the diocese…is it liberal, traditional, somewhere in between??? what are the parishes like?
i’ll add more ?s as i think of them


interesting…well i like change…thats why i can’t stand FL is there is no real change for 9 months. just hot…i didn’t mind hot summers in KY bec they only last 3 months. i do like 4 distinct seasons which it doesn’t sound like OK always has but it does sound like change is what it does have:D


Are you interested in homeschooling? If so, Oklahoma is the BEST for that.

can u tell me more about why it is the BEST?:thumbsup:


CAF playgroup…yayyyyyy!!! :slight_smile: lol


Since this is an area that I have looked into for relocating also, may I ask a question? I am originally from NH, and the fall there can’t be beat. It is BEAUTIFUL! What is fall like in OK? Do the leaves change? Also, is it flat, hilly, or any mountains? I am so tired of flat FL! Thanks so much!



**Hs-ing is actually in our state constitution and there is zero regulation of it. Which means you can really provide the best without interference. There’s LOTS of support for it here. There are only maybe 1 or 2 other states that are anywhere near as hs-ing friendly as Oklahoma. **


.mmmmmmmmmmm…i’ve been praying to move to a place w/ great support for Catholic homeschooling:D


Oklahoma is a combination of mountains down south, green and lush in the northeast, plains in the middle, and desert in the panhandle. There’s plenty of hills through out. Fall and spring can be really beautiful here. I wouldn’t describe OK. as flat. Now Kansas - that is one flat state.:slight_smile:

really…i figured it was flat for some reason???
and like Krisy fall is very important to me (does that surprise you Krisy):stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say Oklahoma is starting to look very appealing…off to pray some more

oh…i hope this isn’t too silly of a question…do people in OK have a southern accent like texas?


Just wanted to say that I’ll be in OKC for about a month and a half this coming summer, and there’s a better than average chance I’ll move there for good in about a year and a half.

I spent this last summer there as well, and upon recommendation from CAF poster Dr. Colussus I went to St. Francis to worship. Boy was I impressed! The priests were both orthodox and willing to speak about forbidden topics (ABC, sin, hell, etc.) without being overbearing or condescending. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Just thought I’d chime in. If there are posters there this summer with ~2 year old kids, we might have to have a CAF play date. :thumbsup:

God Bless,


Did’ja mean do we say 'yall? I reckon that’s a fair question. We don’t sound like Texans. Or Kansans for that matter. Or Arkansans either. But yup, we say y’all.
On the other hand we can speak perfectly eloquently when charged to do so.
It depends to whom we are speaking.
We are known for having something called a “drawl”. Liquid of vowels, kind to consonants.

But living in central OKlahoma there’s a choice of two schools of which it is wise to embrace one or the other…

Go Pokes ( my personal favorite) for The Oklahoma State University Cowboys from Stillwater, OKlahoma which is north of OKC. Orange is the color of choice there.
Boomer Sooner for the school on the south side of OKC…
The University of OKlahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. This is our parish priest’s choice. If you live in Norman, it is best to be a Sooner fan and wear the crimson and cream proudly. Orange doesn’t do well there.

HSing seems to be going great here. Several of my acquaintances from church do this. My kids are grown and married.

Someone mentioned St. Francis of Assisi Church in OKC. That is a lovely church.

Fear not. Coming to OKlahoma will not leave you adrift in a sea of watered down Catholic faith.


**My Texan dh has taken affront!:stuck_out_tongue: Okie-speak is unique to Okies. In the comfort of home, you will here many a ‘ain’t’ and “y’all”. **

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