Oklahoma Execution Botched



Can’t stomach it and will lose sleep over this tonight. Nobody deserves to suffer regardless what they have done.


Yes, I heard about this. The man Charles ended up dying of a heart attack not the drugs(?), substances they use in lethal injection. So people might find this to be a very unique story. The 2nd execution was cancelled.

Please correct me if I don’t relate the story correctly.


That sounds about right.

One of the drugs used is designed to stop the heart, but it sounds as though he was conscious for the whole event.



Aren’t Catholics supposed to be against the death penalty in general?


Sorry, you’ll need to wait awhile. The irony is their too busy critiquing the moral conduct of other nations than to address issues in their own country.


I don’t think the Church really expects people to support one view over the other. I believe their stance is that the death penalty should be avoided unless there is no other way to defend society from the aggressor. That’s my understanding from reading other threads about this topic anyway.


Catholics are against the death penalty! Were they Catholics that administered the lethal drugs to this guy? Not sure why you’re asking this. Perhaps I missed something?


The use of the death penalty is allowable, but only as a measure of last resort. I don’t know if the Church has set out a specific guideline which defines “measure of last resort” (though I believe St. John Paul the Great did specifically speak out against its use in the US and Europe).


Right, because no one on CAF ever engages in conversations about the US.

Give me a break.



“Sorry about that. We meant to kill you in a different way than the way we killed you. Oh wait, your dead anyway…nevermind.”

Someday we’ll get past our blood lust.


I would hope so.

The endless search for humane execution (a self-contradiction if ever there was one) has just made the whole business more psychopathic in this country.



They may as well bring back the guillotine. Quick and presumably painless. Plus it doesn’t masquerade itself as something “medical”. Let the brutality speak for itself.


Life Imprisonment for those found guilty of murder and other acts punished by the death penalty but make sure there is no possibility of parole and that the prisoners are given minimal living quarters.


:frowning: Yep. Completely.

And the state supreme court gave their blessing.


While I’m sympathetic to any effort to end the death penalty, one has to wonder at the intellectual honesty of those who argue that there is no way to administer it without violating the cruel and unusual punishment prohibitions in the constitution.

It’s fundamentally routine in this country to render people unconscious painlessly while their body is cut open and major surgeries performed. Are we really to believe that it’s that hard to achieve the same outcome in an execution?

Besides that cognitive dissonance, aren’t some of the same people bemoaning the cruel and unusual treatment of convicted killers the ones advocating for the euthanasia of sick and depressed old people? The nearly unrestricted legality of killing the unborn?

IMO, it’s better to simply argue that the death penalty itself in our era causes more moral problems than it solves than to argue that there’s no painless way to implement it. That strikes me as nearly absurd.


In the old days we would never debate this. A person committing a vile atrocity would never even make to a court of law.


The old days were wrong about many things.


As recent as 2010, a Utah prisoner selected the firing squad as method of execution. The problem is something can go wrong with any form of execution, I’m sure some people have survived hanging.

Also, this topic was covered in another thread, it seems some companies, mainly European may well not be selling the chemicals that make this form of execution happen.

I don’t know if they can choose method of execution in Oklahoma and whether they have more than one form.


Are you saying things were better that way?


I’ll pray for his soul, and for an end to capital punishment in the United States. It is immoral and unnecessary. Whatever this man did, and I believe what he did was reprehensible and evil, his life belonged to God - not to the state.

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