Oklahoma high court stays 2 death row executions


Oklahoma and other states that have the death penalty have been scrambling for substitute drugs or new sources for drugs for lethal injections after major drugmakers — many based in Europe with longtime opposition to the death penalty — stopped selling to prisons and corrections departments.


One can read the full story at the above link, what I think is interesting is that drug-makers may be holding back certain substances making “death by lethal injection” more difficult to administer.

One can discuss the crimes of the accused, usually people who get the death penalty indeed committed a most vile act.


This is only a minor inconvenience to the state; Texas bypassed the same obstacle about a month ago. It still operates the busiest death slab in the world.



We are talking about the Supreme Court of Oklahoma. Last time I looked that wasn’t Texas. The Supreme Court of Oklahoma stayed the executions. Note the article says “Oklahoma high court stays 2 death row executions”.

In the Texas case, the US Supreme Court refused to stay the executions, big difference.

"Oklahoma execution halted amid confusion over stay orders"



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