Oklahoma Legislature OKs new abortion restrictions


OKLAHOMA CITY — A bill that would impose strict new state regulations on abortion providers in Oklahoma is heading to the governor’s desk.

In the waning minutes of the legislative session Friday, the House gave final approval to a bill that requires the Oklahoma Board of Health to establish standards regarding equipment and supplies that might be needed in a medical emergency. Abortion clinics would also be required to have a physician with admitting privileges at a nearby hospital present when an abortion is performed.

An earlier amendment that would have also banned stem cell research in Oklahoma was removed from the bill.



Thanks and praise be to God. Hopefully it goes to the governor for his signature soon.


Thank God ^^


Praise be to God.


52 House Republicans Voted in Favor of it 8 Democrats voted in favor it. 6 Democrats voted against it and 2 Republicans voted against it.

Clear proof that Republicans aren’t really interested in ending abortion [/sarcasm off]


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