Oklahoma mother, daughter arrested after alleged incestuous marriage


DUNCAN, Okla. – A mother and daughter from Oklahoma are accused of having an incestuous marriage.

Patricia Spann, 43, and Misty Spann, 25, were married in March 2016 in Comanche County, court records show.

Police say Patricia is Misty’s biological mother.

Investigators with the Department of Human Services discovered the illegal relationship in August while investigating the children who were inside the Spanns’ home.

Misty and her two brothers were raised by a grandparent when Patricia lost custody of them, an arrest affidavit states.

The DHS investigator told authorities that Patricia and Misty reunited two years ago.

Patricia told officials she didn’t think she was breaking any laws by marrying Misty because her name is no longer listed on her daughter’s birth certificate.

A warrant was issued for their arrests on Friday.

Since then, Patricia and Misty have both been arrested and booked into the Stephens County Jail for incest, a detective told KFOR.

Bond was set at $10,000 for each of the Spann women. They’re due in court next month.

In Oklahoma, incest is a felony, and if convicted, is punishable up to 10 years in prison.

Court records show this isn’t the first time Patricia has married one of her own children.

She also married one of her sons in 2008.

However, court records show that marriage was annulled in March 2010.



Oh, I wish I hadn’t read this.


Hard to imagine how this holds up in light of recent Supreme Court decisions.


That’s what I was thinking.


I don’t think the State should recognize same-sex or incesteous marriages, and it certainly shouldn’t recognize a combination of the two, but I don’t see how it’s at all in the public interest to lock these women up in prison for a decade.

As sad at this is, I can’t help but be amused. Of all the things to have a record of…


I think it was Jeremy Irons who suggested something along the lines where a father could marry his son to avoid the inheritance tax. When I first read the headline, I was thinking, “Ha ha, someone’s trying to make that same point.” But then I realized it was just a sad situation. :frowning:


Thank you Obergefell v Hodges. Wuv!


Exactly. What grounds will they use, as incest was a deterrent to marriage due to birth defects. :shrug:

The mother’s name is not on the daughter’s birth certificate, either. Most possibly another ‘precedent’ will be set, during the case.


It is completely ridiculous. They can’t conceive together so there is literally no logical reason for them to not be allowed to get married if SSM is legal.


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