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All too often, the Carmelites of the Ancient Observance, or OCarms, get passed over in favor of St Teresa’s reform, the Discalced Carmelites or OCDs.

Here is the main OCarm link: ocarm.org/en/

Many eremitical communities have aligned themselves with the OCarms because the Discalced said eremitical wasn’t part of Teresa’s vision. (They have, however, started accepting hermits and eremitical communities).

The OCarms have three women’s cenobitic monasteries in the US:

Allentown, PA: carmelite-nuns.com/

Wahpeton, ND: carmelofmary.org/

Christoval, TX: carmelnet.org/christoval/christoval.htm



The British Province of the Ancient Observance is a wonderful resource with a treasure trove of information.


As is the wesbite for the Friars at Aylesford, the restored shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in southeast England.



I was dumbfounded when I learned that the Brown Scapular had been given to the world at Aylesford in the UK. The Brits don’t seem to realize what a gift they had received. Walsingham can’t be discounted, either. Pilgrimages to that shrine are increasing, fortunately.

In my work with the Gilbertine Renewal, I’ve learned a lot about the UK’s religious history. I’ve even pondered how the Gilbertines would have reacted to the news of Mary appearing at Aylesford. St. Gilbert had already died, but his spiritual children were still very much flourishing.





Carmelite nuns of Hudson, Wisconsin, are OCarms, as well. They accept ages 20-50, although exceptions can be made on an individual basis.



That is fascinating. Thanks for the history lesson :slight_smile: (I am not being sarcastic) . I didn’t realise any of that even though I’ve lived here for years. I can see I am going to have to do a lot of reading, Thanks.


St Simon Stock’s skull is preserved in Aylesford. The vision took place in Cambridge. A Brit of my internet aquaintance corrected me on my Yahoo groups.


Actually, no.

The issue of the vision is disputed and has long been. The friars state it very well:

During the sixteenth century a tradition developed that St Simon Stock (died 1265), Prior General of the Order, had a vision of Our Lady promising her protection to those who wore the Carmelite habit, and the wearing of the scapular subsequently became an important Marian devotion. Some believe the vision happened at Aylesford but it is more commonly thought to have occurred in Cambridge.


One cannot announce that “The vision took place in Cambridge.” Some are indeed of the opinion it did and others have a different opinion. I am of the latter opinion. This has been a point of dispute for centuries with no expectation of resolution.

In any event, we owe so much to Providence – and to Providence’s instrument, Father Malachy – that the property returned to Carmelite hands after centuries and is now one of the great pilgrimage sites in all of Britain.


Thanks. Makes for interesting reading. I might have to try make a trip to Aylesbury one day for a visit.


Oh no…don’t do that if you want to see the Carmelite friars and their recovered property.

Aylesbury is northwest of London, in Buckinghamshire. Aylesford is southeast of London, in Kent. It is just a few miles from Maidstone, which has excellent train service to and from Victoria Station.



Yes I know where Kent is, thanks. I am no where near London, in Brighton I am much nearer to Kent than London.

Oh sorry just noticed you are on about spelling haha funny :thumbsup: you got me… sorry brain fog


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