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It seems like the “Amen” and the “Christ is Risen” I remember are to the tune of the “Danish Amen”, perhaps adapted by Richard Proulx for his original “People’s Mass”.
The name “Danish Amen” vaguely rings a bell to me.

You think you heard these from growing up? Interesting the parish music minister would choose Danish Amen

This stuff was in the hymnal then. The Monthly Missalette had basic notation in it. I took lessons from age 6, I could read the music.

The “parish music minister” (for about 15-20 years running) was a Protestant organist. In those days he was called “the organist.” There wasn’t a “music ministry”. The choir director was called “the choir director.”

Re the old settings, I suspect the basic settings we used at my church growing up were pre-revision versions of either Proulx’ “People’s Mass” or Alstott’s “Heritage Mass”, both of which have been revised post-2010 in a way to make them nearly unrecognizable. I could sing you the old settings if you were sitting here as they were very simple (the congregation was expected to sing along, and did back then) and I heard them probably several hundred times. They were all in 4/4 time and in a major key. Minor key at Mass was rarely used unless it was something special for doomy Lent.

I cannot find the choral Gloria. It was the pre-2010 version that had men’s and women’s voices alternating and just prior to “With the Holy Spirit, in the glory of God, Alleluia” they’d have the men singing the line and the women chiming in with “Glory to God”. Then at the end the men would be singing "Glory to God in the highest…"while the women sang over that “Glooooooo-reeeeee, glo-ry, glo-ry”. Once again if you were sitting here I could sing it for you. We sang it in junior high choir as well as hearing the adult choir sing it.

My church until this past fall had a music minister for 5 years who was Lutheran and believed to be practicing homosexual. He always went into the sacristy during the homily, he didn’t want to hear it. But he was always respectful.

Have you checked here for the mass setting:

Yeah I’ve listened to about 3 dozen. Most of those Mass settings are relatively recent in origin and almost all of them are post 2010. The only one I could find pre-2010 was a Mass of St. Ann, which I do remember hearing a couple times (probably at a different church or the Cathedral or something) but not on a regular basis.

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Mass of St. Ann is one of my personal favorites, I have it on my phone

Here’s the opening bar and main theme (repeated throughout) of the choral Gloria, in case anyone remembers it based on the tune.

6/8 time, each note is one syllable

GLOry to GOD in the HIGHest

C - A - G - F- G - A - G - F

and PEACE to his PEOple on EARTH

F - C - A - G - F - G - A- G

Virtual piano for playing it here

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