Old couples..

During mass, I noticed an old couple in front of me. They were playfully bumping into each other. During the Lord’s prayer, they were playfully squeezing each other’s hands tightly. During the sign of ‘peace’, they cuddled. During the offering/donating/whatever, the man pretended to put the women’s purse in the collection bag (the thing you put your donations). She glared at him and they burst out laughing.

Nothing warms my heart more than cute old couples (besides little children laughing uncontrollably)

Aww! :love: I know. I love happily married older couples too. I say happy, because, sadly, not all older marrieds are so happy. Some are fighting and bickering more now than ever. :o

Lea - Your post made me smile. I love seeing old couples at mass together.

I hope someday that my wife and I will be that couple…lol

Yeah, it’s such a rare sight.

:slight_smile: :yup:

Nothing warms my heart more than to see an older man at a coffee shop take out his money and pay for his wife’s coffee. It just seems like the romance is still alive

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