Old-Fashioned Nuns Say the Past Is Key to the Future (article on U.S. traditional nuns in contrast to LCWR nuns)

This article begins with its portrayal of sisters in a conservative order in the U.S., who are representative of the conservative orders of sisters in the U.S who stand in contrast, in a number of ways, with those of the Leadership Conference of Woman Religious, restive under Vatican curbs on dissent.

The site also leads on to further sites which shed more information on the issue. Don’t forget to read the reader’s comments at the foot of these articles - some are very informative.

The claim that the traditional orders are recruiting new vocations is familiar to long tee readers of this forum. Similarly, the claim that the orders which belong to the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious are faring better than those of the LCWR (and for much the same reason.)

Having had this discussion once or twice with sisters who support the LCWR, I think the claims are pretty well known among US Catholics. Still, it is nice to see a wire service such as Religion News Service devote a feature to the situation.

LCWR is not the future of the Church, it is declining. Lots of orthodox orders with younger sisters like Sisters of life are flourishing

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