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I have got a question. Last night a girl that I use to date contacted me out of the blue. And I am tring to decide if I should talk to her or not. When we broke up in 2004 it was alittle messy (meaning we argued alot) and then I moved away and we lost touch(she found me on facebook). Then she emailed me just seeing how I was doing and said sorry for stuff that she did. Should I talk to her? She has a bf now so I wouldnt have to worry about her wanting to date. On one hand I feel like I should just avoid her. On the other hand I really cant see what just being friends would hurt.


If she has a BF, ignore her!! It is just now worth it IMHO


BF means nothing, I say go for it. All’s fair until she’s engaged (that’s where I draw the line).


Um I DONT want to date her lol.


Bah all of my ex BF’s have added me on facebook. We sent each other short quick update messages and then it’s back to not really talking to each other as we have all moved on.

That was nice of her to apologise I guess. You can add her on facebook and just allow her to see restricted things on your site. Totally up to you and how your gut feels in my opinion.


Yes, I would agree to that- Facebook is not instrusive as say, her sitting on your front door step begging for mercy. It is totally up to you as to what you think is appropiate to share with her regarding what’s been going on with your life since the break-up. But I would also caution you, in all fairness to her and to you as well, to draw the line in as much as that you’ve already stated you have no intentions on dating her again.

As harsh as this may sound, I honestly believe that the people you encounter in your life are placed in it for a reason- and sometimes they are removed out of your life for a good reason as well- and sometimes that reason may just be to serve as a warning sign for you :eek: :smiley:


It sounds like she just wants to apologise for the past and move on with her life (and her new boyfriend) with a clean slate. She has probably matured in the last four years and desires to right past wrongs and look ahead to the future without any baggage from the past. I’d write a friendly message back, apologise for my part in the situation and move on also. :slight_smile:


I would thank her for the apology–and move forward. She has a boyfriend, and for that, I wouldn’t try to be in her life, anymore. Just my thoughts.


I agree with whatevergirl, as usual. As Catholics, we’re obligated to forgive when someone repents…send her a note thanking her for her apology…then drop it.


Yup. :slight_smile:


thanks for the advice. I am going to drop it.


I agree with all the previous posts. Send her a email apologizeing for your part then drop her. Remember that she is an EX for a reason;)

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