Old Historic Former Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral Endangered of Demolition!

This is the former Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral in downtown Houston Texas. It was built as a parish church in 1911 and dedicated to God’s service on April 14, 1912. The Archbishop wants to demolish the former Sacred Heart to provide parking space and a nice front yard for the new church building across the street. However, there are those that feel the old church should be saved. The old church is structurally sounded and can still serve the community for weekday mass, weddings and funerals.

The old Church is still the House of God. It should be treated with respect. Please like our Facebook page to show your support. Thank you and God Bless.



What a spectacular church. I do pray the the Archbishop will reconsider his decision to demolish this beautiful church in order to have parking for the new cathedral.

Dare I ask what the new church will (or does) look like?

Don’t worry, the new Cathedral is beautiful. It’s been open since 2008.


I hope there is a way to save the older building too. The diocese had long outgrown it’s use as a Cathedral but it is still a lovely Church. Long before the new building was started, almost all major events were being held at other locations - larger parish Churches.


There are pictures of the new Metropolitan Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart at this link here.pipedreams.publicradio.org/gallery/us_southwest/texas/houston_co-cathedral_pasi.shtml

It’s a beautiful church.

Maybe it’s just me and my odd sensibilities, but from the various pics online, there doesn’t seem to be a High Altar between the two. :shrug:

I agreed, it is a very beautiful building. Thank you for your lovely comment and support. :slight_smile:

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Oh, here is a photo of one of the last weddings to take place in the old church.

Summer of 2008.

Here are photos of the new (2008) church.

Note: Master Plans calls for the old church to be knocked down for green space for new church

Old church sits in front of new church


The new building always struck me as being an impressive structure, but also a bit barren. The interior of the old co-cathedral (which I never got a chance to see in person) looks much warmer by comparison. It is a shame that they should want to tear down such a nice building.

Nothing a few murals can’t fix!

I agreed with you. The interior of the old church is very beautiful.

I hate to say this, but the interior of the new church is a little bland. However, they said this was done on purpose because they wanted everyone to focus on the Altar.

I went to mass at the new co cathedral yesterday. But seems like they have been talking about taking the old co cathedral down for a while also most like the astrodome. The property taxes are most likely very high. Parking is not bad on Sunday.

I maybe wrong, but I thought churches did not have to pay property taxes.

Looks like they are already started gutting out the old church :frowning:

Mary and Baby Jesus use to be on the left wing of the old church.

I just makes me sad to think this beautiful church is being taken part by part and one day maybe knocked down :frowning:


The new one is like a hospital. Steril.

I have to agreed. It is very large and nice, but it doesn’t feel like home.

I am also glad that a lot of us Houstonians are talking about this. I hope and pray that Archdiocese:

  1. Stop gutting the old church
  2. Save the old church.
  3. Use it for reason that was already stated (weekday mass, weddings, funerals, meeting hall, and ect.)

I must disagree that the new Cathedral looks sterile. It is quite different in style to be sure. More along the lines of the Cathedrals in Europe. When one looks at the two churches side by side, the old church certainly looks more warm and intimate.

I remember reading a while back about a church somewhere that was bought, dismantled and moved to another location. Can’t remember the details though. Kind of wish this could happen in this case.

If they do wind up tearing it down, I hope that some parts of it are salvaged.


I am sorry that the OP left out a MAJOR piece of information that has led people to believe that SH CoCathedral was callously abandoned in favor of building a new cathedral and that the Archbishop has willy-nilly decided to tear down a beautiful, historic church.

SH Co-Cathedral sits right next to a large, elevated freeway, I-45, through downtown Houston. The vibrations from the freeway over 60 years have damaged the church building beyond repair and have made the old co-cathedral structurally unsound.

Numerous engineering studies were conducted, architects were consulted, and there is no way to “save” the old church.

Thus the decision to build the new one and tear down the old one.

It is beautiful inside. I don’t know who could think of it as sterile.

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