Old Latin Mass Makes a Comeback

This article is from the liberal St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It is actually fairly well written and accurate. Btw…I will be at the ordinations tomorrow. I cannot wait!


Hi Mary, sure wish I could see and attend the beautiful Mass! I’m still reading the link, but notice the picture on the site of the ladies in veils (Very beautiful)!
Thanks for posting.:thumbsup:

Here is a beautiful slide-show of St. Francis de Sales Oratory- graphics.stltoday.com/online/200706/latinmass/

Thanks Caesar, sure wish it was longer!:thumbsup:

Iam delighted to see so many people interested in the Tridentine Latin Mass. it really is wonderful believe me. Our church is fully packed every week. your considered fortunate if you get there early enough to get a seat. if you get there late, you end up sitting on the stairs. This is the way it is every week. We have 2 Masses, one in the morning and one in the mid morning at 10am. both are full.

What a great story!

This is more proof that the return of the TLM will reinvigorate the Catholic Church in the United States.

Just got back from the Ordinations, all FOUR hours of it! It was just beautiful. The Basilica was packed full. I am hoping someone else on this forum was there to give a full account. I am too tired to type too much more right now.

Everyone here should be encouraged by all the young seminarians that attended, from Kenrick here in STL as well as the Institute’s seminary in Italy. Archbishop Finn from Kansas City was there as well and brought an entire traditional order of nuns with him. None of them looked older than being in the mid-twenties, and there was ALOT of them.

God bless…

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