Old Magnificat's


Great ideas!
Actually, I have seen Magnificats in the used bookstore in town - which means that someone was paid for their old Magnificats!



Someone may have suggested this already, but you may want to see if there are any families in your parish who would want them. Homeschooling families would especially love them for the beautiful covers. The artwork is wonderful. It would be a great resource for those familes whose children are studying fine works of art using child-sized masterpieces.



Well, this is what happened.
We called around and nobody seemed to want them.
So I tore off the covers and we burned the rest in a bon-fire.
Call me weird or scrupolous, I still can’t put them in the garbage! :stuck_out_tongue:



You know, I really, really, really hate clutter. I even toss out old trophies, yearbooks, letters and things most would consider of sentimental value. To me, it is just something else I have to dust or store. However, I save my Magnificats because they have extraordinary and detailed coverage of the lives of our lesser known saints. My son is 18 months, and our next baby isn’t due until January, but one day I see myself reading these little stories to my children before bed.



I think I’ll name one or our new kittens “Magnifi-Cat” :smiley:



If anyone else has old issues of Magnificats I would consider taking them off your hands, especially from the years '02 and '03 and maybe '04. If you have complete sets form those years only let me know. I’ll pay postage.



I just called my church and if I bring my old Magnificat’s to the church office, the Prison Ministry will share them with those that are in prison! Perhaps your church will do the same.!



we use them in CCD, because they have the order of the Mass including Eucharistic prayers and are much easier to use for instructional purposes than the missalettes.



We keep them on the bookshelf at home. :)



[quote="Brian_C, post:19, topic:52053"]
Please don't blame the OP. I was the one who asked if they were blessed. The OP wanted to know if it were okay to throw them away. In my mind, I immediately THOUGHT blessed, but I was the first to use the term.:o

I never realized the distiction of use as a tool. How is a set of rosary beads not a tool?:D


OK, now I have a question too...

I have blessed rosary beads which I keep in an Irish linen embroidered pouch in my purse. I like to have my Rosary with me all the time. I never thought of it as disrespectful that it's in my purse, as it is protected in it's beautiful case. But what do you all think?


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