Old Married Couple at Mass


I got to Mass early and as I was kneeliing and praying an old couple across the isle from me broke the silence with a conversation about why they were here for Saturday Night Mass instead of going to Mass on Sunday morning. They are both hard of hearing and here's how the conversation went in loud voices so they could hear eachother:

Old Man: "I just don't understand why we had to come tonight."

Old woman: "How many times do I have to tell you??"

Old Man: "Well, you have never minded telling me other things over and over again."


Old woman in a quieter voice: "That's because you never listen."

Now I'm cracking up. I'm really trying not to and while trying to stifle my laughter little squeeks are coming out of my throat and I am just shaking with laughter and tears are rolling down. Finally they settled down but it was so darned funny. I could not control my laughter.:)

Just had to share.


Wow, that sounds like my DH (33) and me (32)!!! :D

I guess that means not much changes between now and old age huh? :p


Amazingly funny .... reminds me of my parents .... ones deaf and the other one forgets! :shrug:


Sounds like my Grandmother-in-law's wake!

She was on her 90s when she died, and the prayer service had started at her wake. She still had several brothers who were still living, and they were sitting in the front row. Just after the deacon started to talk, another brother entered who had traveled quite a distance to be there. He shuffled to the front to join his brothers, said hello, and they all proceeded to greet each other, asking how each was doing. The deacon kept trying to finish the reading, and the brothers (all in their 80s and 90s) kept talking LOUDLY to each other because they were all hard of hearing. Finally, one said to the other, "I can't hear you. That man up there (referring to the deacon) keeps talking."

Everyone else just roared! :D

Seniors are great!:thumbsup:


Sounds like an episode of Dr House!


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