Old Navy is Going Gay


Sign a petition to urge them to reconsider so that we can purchase our children’s summer camp clothes without being scandalized. :thumbsup:

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I’m still going to shop at Old Navy. This doesn’t bother me as a Catholic. It’s a secular company.

There’s nothing wrong with being “gay”. The Catholic church is not anti-Gay. The church is against gays having homosexual intercourse.

Oh for heaven’s sake! If you like their clothes, shop there. The presence of a rainbow colored shirt won’t make any difference.

If you don’t like their clothes, shop elsewhere.

Would you rather those who suffer from SSA suffer in silence? Being gay is not a sin. Having sex with someone outside of marriage is the sin.

Kind of a hateful thing to do, don’t you think? There is nothing wrong with wearing clothing of a gay designer, is there (and guess what - many are!), so why is there something wrong with buying clothing from a store that sells pride shirts? In that vein, you should stop wearing Hanes, Jersey, Gap, Fruit of the Loom…

It does seem like a promotion of the lifestyle. I don’t think you’re off your rocker for wanting to withold support.

That being said, I think it is nearly impossible to boycott companies based on their contributions to questionable causes. In looking into it, I found so many companies out there that are involved in something anti Catholic in some way, shape, or form. Some hide it well, also!

Instead I seek out the few that are not and try to support them a little more.

I suppose that could be done with the camp clothes.

No boycott and petitions are not hate. Gay pride promotes active homosexual lifestyle. I can see some people not wanting their dollars going to promote something that is immoral. I don’t think people are obligated to boycott certain products or stores, but why label those that do with hate?

The only store we are currently boycotting is Aber-however it is spelled for hetrosexual immorality (is that hate too?)

It’s not hate, but sometimes boycotts/marches/protests/letter writing campagins DO get wrapped up in hate. It’s okay to do any of the above, it’s a free country after all, but many times people do not do the above listed out of love, kindness , and charity.

That is my point… it just turns into a witch hunt. I understand the sentiment, but why not keep it personal instead of publicly smearing the company?

True and such folks can do more damage then good, but on the other hand there is also an effort to shut people up by labeling them as haters if they disagree with you.

Be careful what you sign. It is best if you right your own letter as not to be associated with some group that you can not trust to share truth in true charity.

This story comes to mind where 1 Catholic lady stood up and got Nordstroms to pull an offensive anti christian shirt. So well written letters can have an impact on these things. Nordstroms management agreed with her and was apparently glade she brought it to their attention.


I totally agree with you.

Well, thanks for your responses.

There was no request to boycott Old Navy, just to send a polite email asking them to reconsider their promotion of the gay lifestyle.

This is not about hate or a witch hunt. :confused: This is about wanting to be able to go shopping with my young children in a family friendly atmosphere. :slight_smile:

As things progress, our children will be more and more exposed to the pro-gay message which tries to promote it as a healthy lifestyle when it isn’t. While we are to love and sympathize with those who struggle with SSA, we shouldn’t help to promote it especially to young children.

Old Navy did this promotion to “test the waters” for future promotions. They only set this up in select Metropolitan cities and are waiting to see the response. The LGBT community is unhappy it wasn’t nation wide and is sponsoring their own email protest. (Is that a hateful witch hunt as well? :shrug:)

We are already seeing homosexual wedding displays at Macy’s. As things progess, it will become common place to see two men or two women kissing or in bed together on TV ads, billboards, store posters, and internet ads. There will be no shielding the children.

I’ve always felt it’s a positive thing to stand up for what you believe is right and to work to protect the children from negative influences. :thumbsup:

God Bless! :slight_smile:

Thank you for this information! I don’t shop at Old Navy but if I did, I would find somewhere else to shop.

Thanks for the support, Juliane! :heart:

IMO there’s nothing wrong with pride t-shirts. If I were gay, I would be very proud of who I am despite it. Just b/c I wear a pride t-shirt doesn’t mean that I am anti-Catholic…a bit of a stretch.

I am pro-gay. They have the right to be gay and they were born that way.

I also support the church’s position on sex outside of marriage.

If a man wants to wear women’s clothes, who cares??? Big deal :shrug: It doesn’t mean that he’s having sex :shrug:

Hi Serap,
I feel the exact way as you, it can be hard to articulate.


Having two formerly gay friends that are now married to females, I think there is a danger to providing them validation. While being gay may not be a conscience choice for most, it is not an inevitable outcome and they are not necessarily born that way. In fact I find it crueler to say to them you can’t help being gay, therefore you can never have a moral sexual relationship.

This could be very patronizing to a gay person. We are all born unique and beautiful in our own way.

So what makes a person “gay”? So a gay person tries to deny his true self as a result of his parents not accepting it, gets married to a woman and then can’t stand having sex with her b/c he finds having sex with a woman unappealing.

If my son were gay, I would not treat it like a disease. I would love him and tell him that being gay is ok. I would then explain the church’s position to him.

Gay people have made so many wonderful contributions to our society…hair stylists, designers, etc. They are beautiful people. They are colorful people…the rainbow is a perfect symbol for them.

Who or what are you responding to?

This is a straw man.

Who said they should be treated like a disease?

Now I would find this to be stereo typing and offensive to a gay person. They make great hair dresser and designers, nice. Well they make great lawyers, doctors etc. too.

I have nothing to say. I’m not going to engage you any further. This is just stupid.

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