Old or New Lectionary/ Missal.. which do you prefer?


I am a Lector but I use to wonder what brought about the New texts in of New Lectionary and Missal; The Previous Missal use to be very clear, easily understood grammar and vocabulary compared to the new one. I actually want to know if you have also noticed this and If you know the exact reason it was made in place of the previous. Thanks


Are you referring to the new English translation of the Missal that came out circa 2011?


I’m thinking the change came because of the publication of Liturgiam authenticam in 2001, which called for more literal vernacular translations of Latin liturgical texts.


yes, that tis what i means, because i have the two


@purestmoney , here we still use the old Lectionary but the translated Missal of 2010 .

Some of the 2010 Missal I find clumsy . It was translated too literally . In translating the Latin word by word we end up with an impaired translation . It needed , at the very least , to be translated sentence by sentence .

I am told that this book “Lost in Translation” makes a good read .


The old missal was a disgrace. I thank God Pope Benedict changed it.


Whatever the shortcomings of the new translation (no translation will really be perfect), it is lightyears better than the older one. That translation really hid the richness of the prayers from the faithful making them extremely over-simplified and banal. Comparing the different translations of the propers was pretty shocking to me at how much was lost.

Unfortunately, this was likely the result of a clericalist mindset that the laity were too dumb for anything but Dick and Jane level texts. I am glad the spirit of Vatican II won out and the laity are now treated as able to participate as capable and intelligent members of the Church.


why did you say that?


Because it is my sincere belief. ICEL’s butchering of the Latin translation drew souls away from the Church. That is completely and utterly unforgivable.


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