Old School Uniforms

I found this picture very interesting, the boys are wearing the same thing that Priest wears. Does anyone know of the school they would have come from since their uniform is very distinct! Thanks :slight_smile: God Bless!


Here is another picture I found online

I don’t know where they are from - But sign me up!

~ Pius :knight1:

It’s probably a minor seminary…:confused:

Or a high school seminary.

Whew! For a moment there I thought it was our overly scrupulous friend asking something like if it was OK to discard old school uniforms or something!:wink:

I’d go with some kind of seminary as well.

Throw out an old school uniform! Never:eek:, haha.

I am with you there

Actually, I thought it was a Choir school. But a high-school seminary does sound more probable :slight_smile:

Thank you to the OP for posting the pics. I agree with those who think it is either a high school or minor seminary.

For some reason I get the feeling this picture is from Italy. It might be the hats and the mountain in the background along with the style of the buildings that reminds me of pictures of Italy I’ve seen.:shrug:

Possibly! Though, the site I got one of them from said that they were in England, but they could be two different groups of students (?)


Discernment is yours alone, but you will make a good priest if you are moved so !

I believe they are altar boys.


My Catholic school uniforms were not that “hard core” but one of them had the boys wear ties. Not the typical tie, but a little snapped item similar to what Girl Scouts wear. I remember going to an event at the local seminary with boys from the other Catholic Schools and being ashamed to be seen in them. Our’s was the last class to wear them. http://www.kids-n-cribs.com/images/girlscouts/girlscouts_01510.jpg

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