Old songs for me to play on banjo

Howdy, I just started learning tenor banjo and I’d like some old music to play along to. Ragtime, dixieland, bluegrass, Italian (I have the same tuning as a mandolin), big band, folk, jazz, pop, whatever it is, gimmie some songs!

Anything early by Keith Urban. He also plays banjo.

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Scott Joplin has many songs that are perfect for banjo.

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Anything from Earl Scruggs.

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quit obviously, the theme from Deliverance!


OK, better known as “Dueling Banjos”, and far older than either the movie or the novel.

(and if you’r warped enough, its been done on just about any other instrument, including organs and tubas :scream:)


I’ve been meaning to learn it but they use a 5 string banjo and I use a 4 string. 4 string is same tuning as a mandolin

I play mandolin. How about some of the old traditional spirituals? HOW GREAT THOU ART; AMAZING GRACE; ROCK OF AGES, etc.

The great thing about instruments that can be tuned to mandolin is that one can also play a fiddle, as that tuning is the same, as well. I had a fiddle for awhile, until I got fed up with the pegs constantly slipping and having to restring it. I finally sold it.

TURKEY IN THE STRAW is a banjo favorite.

It would depend on the genre you prefer.

Those songs are definitely headbangers. I changed the tuning as it was in Irish tuning, so now it’s the same as a mandola (guess still in the family).

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